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Should I re-post the same post

I posted one but got only one reply. I am unable to take any decision on one’s opinion. What can I do?

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If you’re referring to this thread, there’s no need to open another one.

You got one reply,but it’s completely correct.


Will I remove the gig?

Sounds like a good idea. Better you remove it yourself than have it removed for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got my first order and review through it. What will be happened to my money and review

You’ll get the money after the usual 14 days, and the review will stay on your main profile.

Wait a sec… it is NOT illegal if you mined the data yourself. An important distinction

I have deleted it.

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Copied from a well respected site:
The laws on selling email lists are not straightforward. The United States does not have a law that specifically forbids selling email lists. It does have a law regulating spam, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. If you sell an email list to someone you know is using it for spam, you might be guilty of conspiracy. If you misrepresent the nature of the list, you might be guilty of fraud or conspiracy. Other countries, such as the United Kingdom, do have privacy laws that apply to selling emails without the permission of the people on the list. Those are the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. If someone on your list lives in a country with such a law, you could be in violation of that law by selling lists that contain addresses of people who have not given you permission to send them email.

I think one of the main issues with Fiverr not allowing/encouraging the selling of farmed email lists is that they don’t know what the buyer will do with it. If they spam people using email addresses bought on Fiverr, they could be accused of conspiracy as well as the individual Fiverr sellers.


Yes it is illegal. Email addresses are property and you don’t get to sell them.

Also, the goal of email lists is to spam people and most western countries have laws against sending unsolicited emails to people. There are also loads of privacy laws.


Obviously, if it a Fivverr policy then that’s that… But,for the record, it’s not spam if the list is gathered from Public sources and as long as you have an option in the email to remove you from the list. I don’t see anything unethical with that.

It’s totally unethical. You don’t subscribe people without their express permission. It’s so rude and violates many laws like CASL in Canada and GDPR in Europe.

Email addresses are property. You don’t get to spam people. Thank goodness email addresses are protected data. Just because an email address is public, that doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want with it. And I guarantee you most email addresses on those lists aren’t “public.”


I disagree and no matter how many times you say it, it is still not illegal in the US and there are many businesses who provide this service.

If you’re buying an email list you have no idea where in the world any of the potential recipients live.

If only one of them lives in Europe, then it would definitely be breaking the rules of the GDPR, where every recipient has to have given their express permission to receive any email.

The only email list to use is one where recipients have opted in to receive specific information from a specific sender. Anything else is regarded as spam.

It may be legal to buy/sell email lists in the USA, but Fiverr sellers and their buyers are all over the world, where laws are very different.


I advised the OP about this in the above topic and now see that he has deleted the gig.


The matter is definitely on a grey, or rather brown, area.
When an unsolicited email reaches my server I don’t bother to unsubscribe my addresses from a list I never subscribed: I nullroute the IP of the sender. It does not take long and the DNSBL lists, zen.spamhaus dot org above all, take care of the rest.