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Should I really promote my gigs

I’s Googling how to get more sales on fiverr. And most of them were saying to promote my gigs on Facebook. And some of them giving a formula that sounds okay, but not sure if it really works.
Well, the formula is = Share on Facebook> then your gig gets more hits> so your gig gets more publicity on front page> and you get more sales.

So, is it really true that if I promote on Facebook and get more views, then my gigs get more orders?

That’s correct to a degree. But the most important step you have to do is to offer a high quality and creative gig. I have never promoted my gig outside Fiverr but I got about 100+ orders (yes the number is not huge but my average price per gig is pretty cool at the moment plus it’s a very time consuming gig) with a 5 stars rating on one of my gigs and 4.9 rating on the other one. I think to get noticed on Fiverr you should also pay the due attention to your gig title and tags. Wish you best of luck.

The challenge is how to promote yourself without coming across as being a spammer. If you just blast links to your gig, people will un/friend and ingore you very quickly, so if you’re going to use the social marketing route, then you have to find a way to be SOCIAL and engage people over the subject of your gigs. Depending on what you’re offering, this could be very difficult, so the best thing to do is to set a monthly budget for a Facebook or Google ad campaign. $5 to $10 a month on a pay-per-click campaign should yield good results.

Let your results speak for you. I’ve never spent any money on advertising and at one point I had so many orders that I was not able to keep up. The trick is to raise your price as you get experience.

Yes to some extent it is true

I am a great fan and believer of promoting my Gigs on social media and have very large numbers of fans and followers to whom I provide not just links to my Fiverr Gigs but mostly useful marketing tips. For me it proved to be a successful way of making sales. and if you have noticed, when creating a new Gig, Fiverr tell you that ¨promoted gigs are 3 times more likely to sell!¨.

You know, last day I promoted my gig on Facebook and got 151 views and flood of click. But unfortunately I didn’t get any order. So I’m quite confused about.
How long do I have to promote my gigs to get orders?

Well, I never put a link to bother people. I promote in a legal way, I think.
You know, last day I got 151 views and flood of clicks. But unfortunately, I didn’t get any order. So, I’m not sure if promoting really makes any sale.

You’re level 2 seller, and I want to ask you a question. Have you made any success by promoting your gigs?

Hello all, I am new here, But how promote my gig to reach buyer

Yes, definitely. I do a lot of social marketing, primarily on Google+. If you want to be a really successful seller on Fiverr, then you must promote yourself somewhere, somehow. Whether it’s social media, or whether it’s paid ads, you need to really embrace Fiverr as a tool for processing sales to make it work.

Yes you can promote your gig on social media but in limit. otherwise people will be bore… on other side you can improve your gig description,add creative images,videos, Do Buyer Requests. etc.

Maybe if you do a chanel in youtube, so by that way you can talk about any topic and the people can see your consistency and the way that you do the things, and also a good way to promote your gigs.

Thank you. I got my answer and hope get more sales pretty soon.

Can you check my gigs? why i didn’t any order? I’m very upset

There is no guarantee of orders here on Fiverr, nor any one time-frame for orders to start piling up. You need to treat your gigs like a full-time business (marketing, promoting, presenting them professionally, etc), if you wish to earn sales.

Do not expect to become successful overnight. For some sellers here on Fiverr, it has taken months before their gigs catch on and begin to earn them sales and success.

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How are you?

try twitter for promotion

my clicks and views is dropping regularly,what to do,please help.