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Should I refuse cancellation?


I had a terrible experience with a buyer lately
she placed the order on one of my gigs without contacting me then she sent the requirements
the requirements were incomplete and took her 3-4 days to send the files (gig’s delivery time is 5 days)

I sent a time expansion request for the order to provide the same quality of work
Before delivery’s date, I sent the delivery file via dropbox

She requested some adjustments and revisions, i am okay with it and re-send the file again

Now she opened a dispute on the order to cancel it because of “poor work”

I already gave too much time to it (4-5 days of work) and another day for revision!

I have 350+ sales and never see this problem before, What should I do after I refuse the order’s cancellation?

and by the way, the order is marked as late now because it took her 2 days to leave her feedback

Any help will be appreciated!! Thank you so much


It looks like your Fiverr account has 2 reviews? You mentioned 350 sales. My advice would be different for the 2 situations.


My fiverr account has 277 reviews


I would evaluate if you can make the customer happy. If you don’t know what that looks like, then you need to cancel. If you can make them happy, I would do it. If you do it and they are still not happy, they can leave a negative review. If you cancel it, you will have a cancellation and they won’t be able to leave a review.

I have been $300.00 in on a Fiverr job and still gave a cancelled. I just believe that someone should 100% love my work or they shouldn’t pay. I also have gotten better at seeing it earlier in the process.

I know there is times where we have alot of time and emotion in the project. I have to remind myself that when I refund a $10.00 order, that I refunding 15-30 minutes of time in US Dollars.

When I give up $10.00, I am also saying that I would pay $10.00 to not have a negative review.

Good luck with it. I know it is painful.


Thank you!

but… some buyers just want to get things for free! especially the newbie toxic ones
This buyer is probably one of them

I already gave him the file via dropbox! so I deserve to get paid whatever he likes it or not because it’s exactly as I mentioned in my gig’s profile and gig’s video, Nothing less

and if there’s a problem, he/she should sent a revision request not a cancellation

it’s a lyric video for a 7min song! it’s pretty hard long work


Don’t accept the cancellation. You did all that work.


First of all why did you send your delivery via Dropbox and not an order delivery?

I would advise you to redo lever file on the order page and explain to your client that with Fiver TOS orders are not cancelled based on quality of work and you delivered everything as per gig description. On top of that you can make screenshot of their requirements and highlight the bottom part in grey letters that state that they confirmed that requirements are correct.

And at the same time contact fiverr support explaining your problem with a client just so they would be aware just in case customer would contact support asking to cancel the order. (but only after you deliver everything on the order page otherwise you are risking your account to be closed because it’s TOS violation to deliver your work outside of fiverr platform and they can’t protect you in this case.)


I believe delivering video files via dropbox or the delivery doesn’t matter
because video files has no watermark support yet!
and in both situations the client can download the whole video

I already did that and mentioned the client this part of the ToS you mentioned
Contacted CS with the problem as well
and yes I already delivered everything, added the dropbox’s link there too

Just wanted to make sure that I’m doing everything right! Thank you!


Then you are doing everything right :wink: