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Should I remove all my Gigs?

Hi Everyone,

I am a Graphic Designer and I have created 3 gigs related to Graphic Design (Logo, T-shirt, Vector Tracing ). Till now i have got only 10 orders and all i have got from buyer requests (all are completed with 5 star) . Not a single one from fiverr automatically. I think i have no rank in fiverr even in the last page! I am truly upset now. Should I remove all my gigs and created new one? It will be really appreciated if you guys give me some Tips.


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Hi @munia007

Why deleting them? You’re doing great !!! :smiley:

You just joined Fiverr on April and already got 10 orders with 5* reviews !!! :smiley:

Maybe you only need to polish your gig descriptions.

I’m not too much of help as I know nothing about your category but, still, what I can advise you, is to get rid of the unlimited revisions. They only bring unlimited problems and headaches :wink:


Thank you so much dear. But i have been fiverr since April 2018 and now here it is 2019 april! I have got only 10 ! I am more upset because all orders were coming from Buyer request only. Don’t know even how to rank on fiverr! How people get so many Orders!! :frowning:

Oh sorry @munia007 I didn’t distinguish the last number and read as if it was April this year :cry: I guess I’ll have to zoom in my screen :fearful:

There’s nothing wrong using BR so don’t give up!!!

For that, I have no answer. Everyone is different in their approches, strategies, etc.

Graphic design/logo design is a very saturated sub-category on Fiverr. There are thousands of sellers in your sub-category — all offering the exact same thing. This might be one of the reasons why you’re finding it a little hard to find buyers.

Don’t give up. Try to persevere. As suggested by @maitasun, try to improve your gig/profile. Improve your portfolio (I am assuming you have a portfolio on display on Fiverr) if you can.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much. I will definitely try to improve my gigs. Thanks a lot Man!

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I would make lists of specializations within your categories. Make a list of businesses that use T-Shirts for Uniforms or might give away T-Shirts as promotions. When I worked for a school we used T-Shirts on our casual Fridays.

T-shirt design for business might be too broad a category so you might try T-Shirt Design for YouTubers or Twitch Streamers.

For Logos, you could specialize in Real Estate Logos, Coffee Shop Logos, etc. Make a list and choose a favorite idea to try it out.

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Thanks a Ton ! These will really help me. I will try to make more sub categories as you mentioned. Thanks a Lot dear! :slight_smile:

This may help you too. It is a trick for getting your titles to be found in search more easily! :wink: