Should I reply to gig requests in the requested section of fiverr?


Hi, I’m just wondering should I reply to requests people post in the request section on fiverr. Or not?

I have messaged 15 people over the last 10 days. Is that to much. I have only got 1 sale out of these, but in the last few days I have had no sales so is this the reason or is this normal? I would like to hear from ye guys for advice because I’m new to fiverr.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Only 2 out of the 15 have replied so is it worth it?


I’ve messaged a few people when their requests match my gigs but don’t hear much back from them. In fact, I think I’ve had one or two sales from this route.


Reply to @design4you1: Two out of fifteen is better odds than making cold calls for a regular business! I say stick with it - as long as the requests are definitely within your skill set. :smiley:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Yeah…I actually got my first order through the route


Definitely! Just make sure you don’t spam or hit everyone of them. Only hit up the ones that closely resemble a gig you already have.


Thanks everyone for replying.


There is nothing better than letting more and more people know that you can do what they want. Even if they don’t reply this time, on the off-chance they may remember that you messaged them previously and take you up on the order at a later date.

So yeah, why not!


The ‘request gigs’ section is a good way to find potential clients specially if you are a new seller. When I first started, 50% of my orders were came from such requests. But as cranny said, do not spam and reply only to the requests which you think you can successfully complete. And don’t copy - paste the same message to your every reply. Good luck!


Actually, I’ve had a lot of luck with the request gig section. 40% of my sales come through that. Maybe I’m just lucky or happen to target the appropriate requests :slight_smile:


If you hadn’t responded to those Gigs you wouldn’t have gotten the two sales and they requested the contact so it’s all good as far as I can see, a ‘win - win’ situation. =D>