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Should I report competitors?


Hi everyone.
I need your suggestion.
Should I Report gigs of my competitors if they violates Fiver rules or third party TOS?

For example with one guy I found that he mention name of his company and if to google it appear first in search. Another guy offer services than against third party TOS. He wrote about it in FAQ.

From another side I cannot be unbiased because if they gigs will be blocked potentially I got more clients.

Thanks for your opinion.


You can report any ToS violation.


You want to knock others out in order to grow your business :stuck_out_tongue:


Smh ya’ll are petty lol


He is only concerned because of that. In reality every niche so crowded that it is very unlikely that he would see any grow of his own business due to the fact that one single seller gets banned.


Also customer support often doesn’t ban them if you report them. I’ve reported a few in the past and nothing was done.

It’s a big waste of time to report competitors when you can spend that time improving your gigs and beat them that way.


If there is a real violation and you want to report it, you can. I noticed that you said this, though:

That doesn’t sound like a violation to me. My business name is the same as my Fiverr username, so if I say in my gig “[myusername] offers you great service!” there is nothing wrong with that. If a username is unique and therefore a Google search leads people to information about that business, what rule has been broken?"

Other than that, it’s really up to you if you want to try a report. It might get the other person in trouble or it might not. It might also make Support decide to take a look at your gigs and profile just to see who you are, so that could be a double-edged sword.


I was about to say the same thing. My username is a prime example of that.


You’re username is … code X? I must be dense; I didn’t realize it meant something.


If people are not playing by the rules, then that is an unfair advantage.


change this kind of mentality if you want to succeed in business… focus and mind your own business… find ways to better yourself instead of wasting your energy on looking for those violating TOS or whatever… just my advice


Besides what @fonthaunt said above, if you report many competitors, yet some of them didn’t break any rules, that would put you in a rather bad spot since Fiverr wouldn’t like their report feature being abused, and could easily consider your actions a means of gaining competitive advantage.


You should report anyone that’s violating ToS and not just your competitors :wink:


I once reported a competitor who had over 100 reviews from the same person, sometimes several a day for weeks and NO other reviews. It was a new seller.
I went and looked a week later and they were still there so that told me not to bother.


My username is connected to some pretty dark stuff from my past…


I did the same he was buying reviews, I did not notice, but one of my competitor suggested me that we both should report him… and we did…


I agree with that.
And I do not understand why Fiverr is not already doing this.
For example: I’m making a gig and is denied by Fiverr (same reason) and I do not understand why this rule does not apply to everyone who has Gigs similar to the one I want to do.


I always watch the competitors, I’m 100% sure she still has a secondary account with same service.More than 200 reviews from one person in 2 months seem strange to me.Strange is why they risk, just keep their gig on the front page?It does not make sense for me to use these manipulation techniques.I’m not a hunter but I do not agree with that.


My gig was reported for copyright infringement last week even though it was false accusation and I’m 80% sure, it was by competitors or could be a bug. I proved that the samples were by original and my gig was back in search within 24 hours but I had to report 2 other sellers who were using my work samples and now their gig is removed. My gig search position has fallen drastically so this flag feature is pretty bad for sellers who are doing well as there are sellers who don’t have anything else to do with their life besides flagging competitors.


Hello guys.
Appreciate for your share. Considering all your answer I decided to do what I think is right. I just will let them do they tricky work. One day they will receive their consequences.
I believe that the best way to won competitors it’s best quality of work we provide.

I always appreciate advice but one comment catch my attention. And I cannot leave it. It comment of @sp_branding He wrote:

change this kind of mentality if you want to succeed in business… focus and mind your own business… find ways to better yourself instead of wasting your energy on looking for those violating TOS or whatever… just my advice

Kelvin I really appreciate for advice. But it’s not working for business. You should know your competitors. You should know why they are better than you. You should now what methods do they use. As well you should know their weakness.

Here is my advice for you: Look to all your competitors. Make as more possible dippiest research as you can do. Analyze all collected data and after apply changes to your gigs. And you will see how you become 2nd level seller just in a few month.
And remember avoid cancellations !!!