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Should I report this buyer?

Hi guys!

I am a new seller here in Fiverr and I would like to have an advice with a buyer.
I don’t have many experiences here - only 13 orders - but so far all of them was smooth and correct. With this one I’m not sure what I am supposed to do.
Yesterday I had an order for retouching 5 pictures. Before the order I talked with the buyer for 1,5 hours straight to figure out what she wanted - the task was very simple but she just couldn’t summarise it in a shorter period. I had a bad feeling about it because it really consumed my time, but I thought that maybe some buyer needs more time to figure out communication and what they want.
She said she’ll pay 5$ for the order but will give me a 5$ tip after. This sounded very strange, and I was 100% sure that it won’t happen, but I naively though that she might feel ashamed that she is asking so much for so little.
I completed the order with everything she wanted with two versions within a few hours, because she said it’s urgent for her. After a few hours later she requested more new changes in the inbox, which we haven’t discussed it before. I didn’t find it correct at all, but despite my opinion I delivered again the requested changes. She didn’t respond to the rest of the day, so I thought that we are finished.
10 hours ago she wrote me again that she wants me to make a birthday card with the attached files which would take me only 5 minutes and than she wrote me she’ll accept the order in a few minutes, but she has ‘low internet connection’. That never happened since than.
I feel I’ve reached the point where I don’t see the point to waste my time talking with her because she keeps asking for more. I’m afraid that she could leave me a bad review and as a new seller I find it crucial to have good reviews.
If you have more experiences can you give me some advice how I should handle the situation, I would appreciate it!


Trust me, there are MANY people who does not know what “shame” is.
Sad, but true. I’m sorry you ran into this person.

I get the feeling this buyer is completely and intentionally trying to manipulate you
into doing free work, and the buyer knows that you are worried about getting a bad review.
You won’t get paid if you do this, but you can ask CS to cancel the order for you.
Be sure to send a screen shot of the messages and a detailed explanation.

OR you can send a custom offer saying "I did what you asked for, so if you want additional work, you will need to pay for it."
If she refuses, contact CS and cancel the order.


I checked out the two gigs which you had reviews for. You have 5 revisions for one and 7 revisions for the other. If I were a picky buyer I would love this about your gig.

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Thanks zeus777 for the great advice! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you topned, I’m trying my best :slight_smile:

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