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Should I report this person?


The danger of messaging people is that they can report you. Not long ago I got this message after a long conversation with a potential buyer, one that messaged me first. I never spam anyone.

“thank you for your response, however I have already hired someone else with a little more passion for the work he will do for me.”

I find her answer extremely insulting. But is that a good cause to report someone for spamming?


No - life’s too short! :wink:


If you could only see what I get in my inbox!

That’s a piece of chocolate cake compared to the expletive-laden poison darts I get. - Plus most people calling me an (expletive) head, later threaten to report me.

I wish I had your inbox!


I don’t think the passive-aggressive tone is a valid enough reason for reporting someone. Wait till they get to direct insults. :slight_smile:


Meh, just let it go.


you shouldn’t waste your time with people like this just forget about them


I find it insulting, unneeded and very bad style, too. But I agree with the others, let it go, and take half a moment to silently feel sorry for her that she needs to do such things and wish her well in your mind.


Be very thankful she did not hire you. If you think what she said is bad, it’s nothing to what she would unleash on you if she hired you.

I’m a little curious about what you said that prompted that from her.


Indeed. I sometimes think it must be a miracle how I manage to catch people like this and turn them away in advance of nightmare orders unfolding.


You really can’t relax for one second when someone first contacts you. You cannot let the slightest hint of antagonism craziness anger or any other hint of hostility get by you. You have to head it off immediately any way you can.


She wanted to know if if I did social media checks (to see if Brand X is available on Facebook, Twitter, etc), and I said “no” because it takes too much time. I wasn’t rude to her, I explained what I did and showed her 4 samples of my work. She did accuse me of not researching my brands, which I found funny since I never use generators, and all my work involves some research, at least to know a little bit about what my customer is selling and who are her competitors.

I agree, this could have been one of those buyers that is never happy. My order completion rate just reached 90% and I don’t want a refund to bring me down again.

Sorry to hear that happens to you. Does it happen before you start working or after you deliver?

The only thing I turn away is anything to do with SaaS. The whole concept of Software As A Service is beyond my capabilities, I always struggle understanding what the heck those things are, so the minute a client messages about that, I apologize and tell him I can’t work for him.

I would put it on my gig, but then I might lose business from other tech clients that sell things I understand, like computer games, toys, etc.


You can offer an extra for that and offer it at a much higher price than you expect to get. You might be surprised to find people are willing to order that.


Before, thankfully.

Buyer sends me a message saying:

“Hi, I’m interested in buying your gig. What can you do for me?”

I reply with:

“Hi, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I can’t help with such a vague request. Please try and be a little more specific. Alternatively, see my gig description & FAQ for details regarding what I need to start working.” - (Automated response)

Replies then vary from:



“Nice One! S#*t Head!”

I basically have some kind of maniac magnet on my forehead.


I let them know…


Sadly, this isn’t how I work. You want something, you say what you want. If you need a presentation because you completely missed my gig description, you are not invested in your business and will likely be 50%-90% harder to please than the people who say:

Hi, I have a brand new fashion boutique. We need this, and this, and this. Do you think you could help?

Yes. Yes I do because you clearly have a brain.


I can see your point. You need them to communicate with you.


I hope you don’t mind input, I just enjoy this. Maybe you could try a set of questions, sent as the first message, to get them started with the process. It helps you weed out the serious ones that way also. I am trying to find a way to give a great first impression, as well as get the ball rolling so you can send a custom order ASAP.

People are calling you names and being offended so there might be some other way.


I do get you point and I did actually used to share it. These days, though, I focus more on quality buyers.

9 times out of 10, Norman Farflung who needs to talk in-depth about his new cat wig business has a website and business which is never going to go anywhere. Me focusing more on Deb who is srtting up a 21st Century Realty affiliate, keeps my conscience clear and grabs me a killer client to drop into conversation when I am trying to prove myself as a real freelancer to my incredibly sanctimonious coworking ‘buddies.’


Yes I see. Most of these people, when you see their site, it’s horrible and must be depressing for you. How interesting to hear this side of things.


I might try that. I just don’t like it. Tools like Name Checkr will tell you that a name is available on Facebook but then not twitter, so then you’re forced to come up with another name even if your first solution was the best one. Some people are crazy about social media. I say have a great brand name first, with a great website, then worry about social media. Some are the opposite, some have a Facebook page but no website. The other day I wrote a flyer for a summer school program, they had a phone number but not a website. It’s really surprising.