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Should I report this seller?


OK so I ordered a gig from *********** who promised to get traffic to my site and would share my link to their 200k+ twitter followers. She sent me a
screenshot of what they tweeted and when I checked their twitter account, I found that they only had 200 followers not 200k and she photo-shopped the k onto her twitter profile. I told her that and they instantly gave me a refund. Should I report him?


No. I mean, you can, but you will have just wasted more time. There’s a guy offering 15M likes or something instead, you should have tried him.

Customer Support in all seriousness.


Yes, sure you need to report him for false advertising.
On the other way be carefull with traffic gigs. Look for real traffic and not quantity. You better get 10 real visitors then 200k false view bots.