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Should I Restart my Account?

I had received some fantastic results with Fiverr a few months ago - getting far more work than I could handle at nearly 5000 impressions a day. I had overextended myself and had to cancel a few orders, a few order were delivered late and some vacation time was taken to complete all of the orders.

Fiverr had been my full time work but since then my account has been totally crippled. On top of some Fiverr glitches that have brought down my response rate. Is it more beneficial for me to close my account and create a new one? Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth contacting Fiverr to see if there is anything to boost the integrity of my account? I have had nothing but fantastic reviews from very happy clients - but the Fiverr algorithm has not been in my favour. Any advice is very appreciated!

Brendon Reimer


Why do you even considering deleting the account? You are a level 2 seller with lot of positive reviews. Creating a new account will just pull you further down. I’m just a newbie but I guess everyone will agree with me on this.


@amilaudara yes i agree with you. level two seller is a successful figure

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I suppose I had forgot to mention that I haven’t received any emails from any clients for nearly 2 weeks from having 2 hours of emails a day prior. My response rate is recorded at 89% with my orders completed also at 89%. These don’t seem correct but to wait 2 months for them to recover is something that is heavy to afford.

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Dont give up its same story as with me i was featured getting 4k-5k impressions per day upto 500 gig views and was generating 1000’s of dollars in revenue up’s and downs happens no matter what never give up make sure your comeback is stronger than set backs figure out what goes wrong and correct it

Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:


This is really strange but my advice is you should wait and see. Even if you make a new account you probably gonna have to wait for some time to get orders. In the meanwhile contact CS and ask them what happened.


@amilaudara @brendon_reimer and now days starting new and getting orders on fiverr is very tough than 1 year ago


It would be really hard to start from scratch again. There are too much competition. Your reviews are a valuable asset.

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Agree with you :+1: reviews are valuable i thank myself for starting 1 year ago and establishing good presence on this platform :slight_smile:

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Nah, no way, don’t give up on yourself. If you need to get your stats up, it might help to post on social media and do some discounted orders just to get good reviews and push anything negative down. You might lose a level for a month or two if your stats are very low, but you’ll get back into it. Those reviews you have right now, they are GOLD and starting from scratch would be much, much harder than recovering from this.


If you really need to restart, I suggest pause your gigs and do some personal branding of your own on social media for a while, build your own website or blog.