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Should I review my customers?

I receive many positive reviews on my gigs but should I leave a review in return? All it does is push down my other positive reviews down until their no longer seen. People either see 3 positive reviews from my buyers and 3 reviews from me or 6 positive reviews from my buyers which I think may be better imo.

Basically my question is, what’s to gain from leaving a review in return? (buyer becomes a top buyer on fiverr?)

It just shows that you are polite and take the time to thank your clients for their orders. Most buyers like polite sellers.

I do. I think it shows you engage with your customers. That’s always a good thing. I think a lot of buyers are frightened they’ll pay a seller and 7 days later will receive a product they didn’t ask for because communication was so poor.

Reply to @sara1984: Well, like I said, because my reviews are so positive they should automatically assume that there was good communication otherwise why would they leave me a positive review? but I get what you mean.

I understand your concern and can see your point about having 6 versus 3 positive reviews. But I’ve heard from many buyers (through the forums) that they feel much more inclined towards a seller if they see that they also leave positive responses to reviews. It may seem silly, but even just “thanks, [buyer’s name]!” can really give off the sense that you know your buyers personally and are easy to work with.

It’s quick to leave the reviews and if you’re concerned about them not seeing multiple positive reviews, they will always see the # of reviews that have been left and can always click through to see more. Whenever I’m looking at someone’s reviews, I tend to click through a few pages of the reviews regardless of how many were on the first page.

I started about a month ago and so far made a small number of sales but I have only been reviewed for half of my sales, I know some people just forget and that but it is a little annoying when you get zero feedback, but then again I guess no news is also good news

Leaving a review on your customer is always a good thing. It shows your appreciation for their order. It also shows you’ve always got time for your customers. Hope this helps!

It’s very important to leave feedback on your buyers’ reviews. The reason for this is because EVERY person who views your gig will also look at your reviews. Positive reviews are really important, but positive (or at the very least, professional) feedback to your reviews is also important because it’s your new buyers’ first chance to see and understand how you’ll interact with them.

Yes, you definitely should.

I’ve received over 4k reviews and I’ve responded to each and every one. It takes me 5 minutes when I log on in the morning and it personalises the experience.

Reply to @imcaptainteemo: I disagree with you that positive review automatically mean good communication. Let’s imagine buyer place order for your gig, you deliver it way before the deadline, the quality is outstanding, further more you have even over delivered and all this happened with one or none messages between you and the buyer. Depending from the type of service you offer, this is possible and there is nothing wrong with it.

Because of your great performance and excellent quality you deserve positive review and you are likely to get it, but it doesn’t mean at all that communication was good. Like we saw in the example, there was no communication at all.

Good communication means that you update the buyer on a regular basis, you care about the client’s needs, care about the deadline, communication is clean with great English and perfect grammar, insuring that you and your client are on the same page, suggesting area of improvements over the requests that buyer has. It can often lead to putting the project on a new level, higher than buyer was even hoping to score.

To answer your question, yes you should. Giving a review to a buyer does not only show that you appreciate your client and express kindness, but also you will let other sellers know how great buyer he is, how clear his requirements were and why it was a pleasure to work on his order, what make you happy about that order. So I think instead of using some general review like “Outstanding experience” we should all take the time and write specific review describing the specific client and order.

Of course this doesn’t have to be right, but that is just my opinion.

I think so too! It always make the buyer feel good for choosing you.

Yes, here’s the easy way to do it.

“Star” every order you’re doing that day. Then everyday click “completed” on “My Tasks”. If you see any orders with reviews, reply them. If they give you 5 stars, give them 5 stars. If they give you 4.5 or 3.5 stars, give them 4 or 3 stars respectively. Then unstar the order.

It’s better for buyers to see your responses than the reviews. When I look for a seller I want to see if the seller just says “Awesome” or I loved working with you. It shows a level of communication as well as a personalized comment per buyer.

Just wondering, if the buyer doesn’t give you any feedback are you unable to give them any feedback?

I am looking to see if I can but I cant see the option to do so…also full of cold so being a little lazy