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Should I risk switching categories?

So apparently with the new changes, a few of my gigs switched categories to a totally nonsensical area from what I can only assume is from a use of one word I had mentioned in a few of the gigs. Do you guys think I would put my gig at risk of being removed if I try to switch categories to one that actually makes sense?

It probably isn’t a word that you used. There are some categories that no longer exist and have been replaced by other categories or subcategories. If you can find a category that you think makes more sense, I don’t think you’d be at great risk by changing. If you are worried, you might try changing just one to begin with and see how it goes.

Well, it went from SEO-related category(That doesn’t exist anymore.) to “content writing”, that’s a pretty drastic change for one of my main ones that doesn’t even really have much of anything to do with content writing other than the word “article” in the title for good reason to explain the gig better. It’s still ranked where I want it to be, but I wanted to set it up with package deals as people kept asking but I have had gigs simply forced into categories that didn’t make sense even after changing them and then they were changed back in the past before packages with dropped rankings(Like Fiverr negatively effected my rankings by trying to choose a more relevant category.).

Yeah, I will try it with some of my more “meh” gigs that need re-worked and see what happens.

My biggest worry is this quote from staff,

“…but we don’t recommend modifying existing Gigs from one Gig service type to another.”

and I am not sure why they’re saying this.

Hmmm. I haven’t had any affected gigs so I can’t be sure. I looked at your SEO article gig and technically if you are writing actual articles, that is considered content writing.

If you are spinning something or using PLR that’s different. I see a lot of “SEO article” gigs that are pretty awful. (I’m not saying yours is one of them - I don’t know your work.) What I am saying is that if I were a buyer looking for a good “SEO” rich article for a blog or site, I would also want it to be good content so I’m not sure why content writing wouldn’t be a fit for that one.

I’m actually referring to my directory submission gig, initially I had it as “write an article to submit to directories” which is essentially still what it is, unfortunately since the word “article” is in it, it categorized it in the completely wrong category.

I mean, I am still writing content, but that content for that specific gig is for the purpose of submitting to directories. Essentially. I write out three variations of the content and submit it out to relevant niche’ directories for those that order. I was revamping it to make it a bit more involved at higher gig package quote prices. If they eventually make the writing categories into being able to make package deals i’ll just leave it where it is.

My other gig is just simply content writing so that’s categorized properly!

I’ll see how the move for some other gigs go and if I don’t see a significant difference perhaps i’ll just reword my gig and move it to whatever matching category similar gigs are in.

Basically it had a hard time categorizing it as it’s a bit different than some more of the other more standard types of services and it’s hard to clearly explain it in one line what the service is.