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Should I send a message to buyer

Hello everyone, 15 days before a lady came to me and gave me an order of 3 articles. I delivered the work and she liked my articles a lot. She said that she will place an order again next week. But now it’s been 15 days, she did not place an order again. Should I ask her if she need more articles? Please hep me.


No, wait!

Buyer will decide whether to contact you again. Or not.

You would risk being reported as spam and that would likely mean warning.


Don’t worry if you haven’t received new order from your previous client. If the buyer liked your work than she would again order your gigs.

Buyer might be busy with her own commitments. Messaging her may irk her. Hopefully she will contact you after few days.

There is a perfect old saying and I will manipulate it a little bit for the occasion

“If you have buyers, set them free. If they come back they’re yours. If not, they were never meant to be.” :rofl:


Thanks to all of you.

Don’t contact buyer. Buyer will contact you when he/she need to work with you. By the ways most buyers say they’ll work with you again but they disappear. It’s not a big deal.

Your time as the seller has nothing to do with it. It’s not about what works for you.

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That is considered spam. She knows how to contact you when she is ready.

Do not put anyone in such an uncomfortable position to have to say no to you, or to feel as if she needs to make some excuse to say no. Also, do not be desperate. It is not a good look.