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Should I send in my resume?

I posted my first ever gig and got a response almost right away about a potential long-term job. There’s going to be a briefing at some point describing what the job is exactly. All I know at this point is that it involves editing/proofreading.
My concern is that I have no specifics on the job yet and the buyer wants my resume first. I’m hesitant to send one in because it takes away a level of security (employer details and all that) before I even know if the job is legitimate. And since I’m doing this editing on the side a novice (which my post clearly states), my resume has nothing to do with previous editing experience.
Is it normal to send one in right away? Or should I stand by wanting to do a briefing first?

As an aside, how specific should my resume be for Fiverr? I’m always super cautious about revealing personal details online so I’m not sure what’s expected and where I should draw the line.

Big red flag here :triangular_flag_on_post:

Fiverr doesn’t allow gigs that last for more than 30 days. Each gig must be self contained.

DO NOT agree to any kind of briefing by phone or video call. Not allowed.

You may not submit a resume - that gives ways for the buyer to contact you direct, whether or not you give them personal details.

There is no need to submit one, anyway. Ask if they would like a $5 sample of your work so they can see if you’re a good fit. And then watch them run for the hills.

You could explain that what they are asking for is against TOS. If you wanted to be nice. Otherwise, just say “no thanks”, report and block.


Thank you for your response! Lots of helpful information.
I really didn’t like the idea of sending a resume, it just felt wrong even though I hadn’t studied the TOS in depth yet.

I’ll definitely reach out to the buyer and tell them all of this and give them a chance to do it this way. If they can’t agree then I’ll move on.