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Should i separate the gigs?

Hello everyone
Happy holiday

My name is Rifandy, i’m an Urban Planner & Designer.
i made a gig based on architectures services.

i do have some questions regarding my gig

  • should i separate the gigs based on the type of building? (residential, commercial, etc)
  • or should i make one gig to accommodates any building type?

Thank you

I would.

That way it allows you to create/offer more Gigs with different details.

Plus, by separating these Gigs you can charge different rates. Maybe residential is harder than commercial. With them as different Gigs you can set a higher rate for the harder of the two.

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Thank you, i will consider it.

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Fiverr seems to work better when you have one very simple service that is clear and instantly understandable. More complex services don’t work as well here. That is not to say that you cannot do it, merely that most people seem to be here for:

  • I will paint your apple red for $5

rather than

  • I will solve your deep seated psychological aversion to non-red apples.


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