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Should I set an image containing two people as profile photo since we are working together?

we have set the image of ours because we want to work as a team in this profile. Should we use this image? or we should upload an image of a single face?

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Continue with this image, I saw other freelancer, they used photos having both of their team members. You can use a logo to present your team.


Thanks a lot!!!

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You can continue with it brother:)
But I think a logo will represent the whole team better…

Although Best of luck for future…

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thanks brother! We will try that!

Another school of thought is that ‘people buy from people’ rather than from an anonymous logo.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, just presenting an alternative point of view.

Personally I think it all depends on the service offered. If you’re a creative designer then it makes sense to use a logo. If you’re a solicitor then it makes sense to use a professional photo.


Someone on the forum once said that they’d be surprised and wouldn’t be hiring a logo designer if they haven’t designed and didn’t put their own logo on their avatar. I still struggle to wrap my head around that line of thinking but it for sure exist.

I do agree that people buy from people. It was a part of every freelancing advice I’ve ever gotten.

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