Should I Share my gig link or profile link?


Should I Share my Fiverr gig link or profile link on social media?


yes you can.its the best way to marketing your gig.


Share your gig on social media networks
Promote your gig daily on social media networks daily
Promoting several times a day
You need to find the market for your sales
So share the gig in social media


Yes social marketing is the best for all freelancer


yes you should share all social media that help to boost your gigs quickly.


yes. you can do it.
keep sharing.!


@expertpixel yeah you can do also. Share you gig’s on social media increase your views and sells but you have remember 1 things. When you share your link please craft your link with short link generator. It will also secure option.


Yes you can share your gig link through by social media Post.


Fiverr gig link or profile link? which one i should share ?


so i will share only fiverr gig link, not fiver profile link. is it?


Thanks for your information. But yesterday I have just read out fiverr new rules that is, Not to share short link. It’s the new rules Their I just read i’m not sure actually.


Really, Please send me link, I want aware about this.


Thank you very much for your help