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Should I shorten my word count for my gig?


So I have sold a few short stories to people and after the first few gigs I feel like the amount of time to money ratio isn’t working out. The only problem is, the one person I am writing for currently is planning on doing long term with me and we already came to an agreement for 2k per gig. Should I wait to change the word count of my gig until after I am done with all of his gigs after the next few weeks or should I change it now and let him know that the promise for 2k words will still be kept for him? I am thinking of dropping it down to 1k words per gig and if someone wanted 2k they would have to purchase another gig(as I am not a leveled person yet so can’t do extras). Another thought it when I do get my extras after become leveled(if I ever do) should I have it cost extra for them to have to purely owned by them or do it so they can claim ownership right off the bat unless they allow me to use snippets?


Shorten the words on the gig. You obviously feel like you giving more than you are getting in return. If you continue this way, you may get very resentful. Ever been in a job you hated… feeling overworked and underpaid. Fiverr should always be a fun place to be. And why should you do twice the work for just $5. If the buyer wants more, tell them to book another gig.



Definitely adjust your gig so that you feel like you’re getting enough compensation for your work! If the person already ordered the gig, I think it might hurt your buyer’s trust since it was agreed beforehand. For all they know you might keep changing things each time they order, you know? But you CAN inform them in advance that you’re planning to raise your price per number of words for all orders after that. Have run into the same problem with my little hand-painted notebooks project: after a while I realized I needed to raise my prices to cover my time and materials better, so I told my clients that I would finish all orders that were already paid for in the price we agreed at, but informed them that by next year I’ll be raising prices slowly. Good luck and hope you still have fun :slight_smile:


Reply to @kim_talented: I agree with kim. Fiverr in the first place was made for people to sell gigs they love doing. I signed up to sell logos for this very reason. At first I offered 5 logos per order but a little while I foundy myself being overworked and not as happy as I thought would be. I then changed my gig description to suit my working style and was looking forward to designing logos everytime there is an order as before :slight_smile:


I would keep it at 2K then once you can offer gig extras you could drop it down to 1K and offer the extra gig for the 2K. Just my opinion.