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Should I sign a waiver?

I have a question… a customer asks me to fill and sign a waiver about the VO jobs I did for him, but obviously, doing that, I would reveal my personal details, violating Fiverr’s TOS.
I tried to explain him, also attaching captures of the TOS, that buyout is included, so the same Fiverr declares that the property of my work is translated to him.
He insists, telling me that he works with other sellers that do this without problems.
What should I do?
In my opinion, those sellers are violating Fiverr’s TOS, and I don’t want to take risks…
Thank you.

I just inform people that waivers are pointless. No one has any way to verify that details you supply are correct. Also, you do not know who you are really giving your personal information to. In real-life, you would charge for signing a waiver and pay to have someone go over all the legalese.

The last time I was asked to sign an NDA, the document basically stated that I had no right to identify myself as the creator of delivered work, even in the even of non-payment. - That to me signaled that it was a scam. Also, it has been the case with me, that only low paying buyers push for sellers to sign NDA’s.

If you have already delivered material to this client. Refuse their request and tell them that you were not asked to sign a waiver prior to commencing work. If your buyer doesn’t like that, tell them to (politely) get stuffed.

He says that he will not work with me anymore if I don’t sign that waiver…
I prefer to lose a buyer than infringing the TOS…

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Not necessarily. Some sellers have asked CS for permission to sign NDAs, and they got the permission.

If you wish, you can ask CS for permission, too (and if they do allow it, save the screenshot, just in case).

Sign it with a bunch of b.s info lol. Just kidding, or am i?

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It wouldn’t be legally binding anyway.

I have charged $20 - $40 to sign an agreement, but I give my Fiverr name (not legal name), and a fake signature. I use the mailing address of my local post office. You can’t be too careful nowadays!

Thus, you can see how it wouldn’t be legally binding. Fiverr has no address details for us, so you can see if we did run off with a client’s idea, then closed our Fiverr account, no one would be able to find us. (Unless you used the same name elsewhere, but even then, who is going to pay for litigation in another country?)