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Should I start charging more as I have some ratings

Just completed my first 100$ on . I did a lot of work for this 100$ ; much more than the normal rate of fiverr like writing a 20 pages e book for 10$ . Should I up the rates now as I have started getting orders quite frequently.

I would otherwise.

Keep doing this overwork for a while(since it’s working) until you reach level 1.

Do hardwork now, Once you reach level 2(or maybe top seller?) you can charge a reasonable amount for reasonable quality work.

Best of luck.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: I am almost at level 1, so I thought its time for me to cash in as my buyers have appreciated my work. But yeah, Hard work is the key. Thanks!

I think you should wait till you reach level 1. Get that rating up to 100%. Then you can charge a reasonable amount.

Reply to @tushanthkunder: yeah just an order away. It would have been 100% but a lady rated me 3 stars without even checking the work. She thought she has to rate before opening the work. She will edit her review then it will be 100% . Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

Of course you could try but in my opinion it is a bit early yet. You should wait till you are at level 1 and preferably at level 2. What is most important to you and your Fiverr business at the moment, it to accumulate sales and 5 star reviews. So do your best and keep doing a great job, till you start receiving more orders than you can handle safely. For now you have only 6 reviews and have already lost your 5th star, so that’s what you have to concentrate on: regain those 5 stars! m/

You know it all depends on what your competitive edge is if you want to be different in price then setup something you can commit to for your customers, if you want to up your price then add value to your gig as bonuses or something like that for the type of customers you typically are seeing buying from you…

I’m more concerned with your promise to deliver in 12-hours with the gig extra. How can you do that? Don’t have have a full-time job?

Wait until you are at least a level 2 to show an established credibility on Fiverr.

You posted in a previous post that your sales have dropped since you reached level 1? Raising your rate will always make the demand for your services less.

With exception, the customer has a perception of what the cost should be. If your price is under that, it may prevent sales. They are ordering copy because they need results. Too cheap and they may think they won’t get results.

I would wait until you are level 2. The lower rate is really fueling your number of orders. You really need to build the ratings. The reviews and the badges will help people place the first order and try you. After they have tried you, they will be able to measure the quality and service with the price. I would adjust the amount you offer and the deliver time to limit the demand for your service as you get busier.

My lower rate at first helped me get 100 orders in 60 days. I deeply discounted it in comparison to my competition, but it gave me a lot of traction. Many of the $5.00 customers moved to $25.00 customers. Offering the exact same thing. They had no problem. I had been giving them $25.00 of value for $5.00.

I did lose a lot of customers that would only pay $5.00 for the amount of work.

I moved from 10 jobs a day ($50 total) to 3 jobs a day ($75 total). I went from working 12 hour days to working 3 to 4 hours a day.

Reply to @magellon: Got it! Thanks.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: You can try !

Reply to @landongrace: This is the previous post. That was the latest one but obviously high price scheme didn’t work that well. However, I have started getting heaps of orders again.

Reply to @freelancepromw: yeah thats what I am gonna do! Thanks.

Reply to @salu1997: That seems like a very stupid thing to do! Hope that she does change that review for you.

I have thought about doing the opposite at the moment, lowering my price in order to attract people before I get any ratings. Only problems are, I don’t make much money really from this at the moment anyway and it takes a long time to make a good quality instruction manual.

Reply to @salu1997: Terrific. Just ease it up slowly. Some types of gigs won’t support higher prices. Experiment. If this gig won’t, there may be a new gig offer in the future that will do even better. To me, that is what makes it such a fun journey.

You can only go up after you have sales and 100% reviews. Before that you must discount the services to attract a faster flow of orders. Trading the promotional investment will ramp up sales instead of waiting months for the first few sales.

Make sure that there is a demand for what you offer at a higher price later down the road. That way you can scale it.

Reply to @philtabest: Feel for you as your work isn’t the easiest and buyers here expect 100% quality for 5$. Good luck!

The only technique that has worked for me is that make regular customers and then request them to increase the rate as they know the quality you offer. However, at level 2 you can increase price generally.

I’m just glad that I have a full time job too, because at the moment I couldn’t afford to live off Fiverr alone. I am hoping to get my level up and attract more customers. It’s not going to be easy, but I do enjoy doing it!

Also, how I look at it is, I used to work for a software company, they paid me less than I’m on now and expected me to re-write the instruction manual on top of Technical Support duties. The majority of the nights I was taking my work home with me, because it was too busy to meet the deadlines. I also wasn’t making any more money for doing this.