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Should I start over?



I started using Fiverr in Aug 2017, but I didn’t get many sales so I gave up. Now I am back and have done more research on how to be successful on Fiverr, but I’m wondering if I should keep selling under my original account or make a new one. I only have one review and it is from 1 year ago, so new potential clients may find it unfavorable that I haven’t made any sales between then and now. I also never reached seller level one and because I’ve been on Fiverr for over a year, I don’t think I am classified as a new seller. I could be wrong, but when viewing my profile from the app, under seller level it says No level. I read in another topic that having that New Seller status really helps you out in the beginning. Please provide your honest feedback based off your experiences.


If you could close down your old account and successfully open a new one i say go for it. Rumor has it that Fiverr does boost new sellers with a grace period so it may work out in your favor. I’m sure there are steps to opening a new account though so you should look into it first.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will research closing and opening an account.

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That isn’t going to help you. All that relies on is maybe having clout as a new seller. Even if you do, that would be super temporary and is not going to fix why your business doesn’t work.

And I’m pretty sure Fiverr would frown highly on that.


If I close my account and start a new one why would Fiverr frown upon it? I don’t think there is a rule against having more than one Fiverr account, but I could be wrong.

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I would agree with you if the seller had any negative strikes on their account like bad reviews or TOS warnings. In this case it seems to be more of a re-branding for a fresh start.


You can’t have two active accounts.

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I agree plus I don’t have any warnings on my account currently. I didn’t know about that rule. Thank you for keeping me informed, although I know some people do have more than one active account. There’s not really anything in place to keep someone from just signing up with a different email… Update: Apparently they block you if you use the same IP address for one account. Good to know :sweat_smile:


Yes there is. Read the terms and conditions. You are forbidden from having more than one account. Doing so can and probably will get you banned.


The terms and conditions aren’t conditional upon your reasons for doing this. They explicitly say you can’t have more than one account.

You also can’t open a new account with the same address you used for the first one.


I already established that I understood this in a previous response, though my intent was never to keep this account if I were to close it and open a new one. I also didn’t plan to use the email associated with this account again, but thanks for the info.


Very helpful info. You gave cdoorz exactly what she needed to know. You can indeed close your account and open a new one using a different email. :+1:

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I didn’t say you couldn’t open a new account with a different email address. (“Can” meaning able to) I said Fiverr would probably frown upon it. It can’t be good for the community if people are closing accounts and opening new ones for the same person. As a buyer that would really, really irritate me to see the same person getting visibility repeatedly simply because they are a new seller regardless of their previous exposure and the value of their program. Fiverr isn’t going to do things that put buyers off the platform. As a buyer I want to see high quality gigs, not artificially ranked gigs.

People can do what they want, of course. I’m saying that this won’t bring you success on Fiverr. Maybe a few days of exposure in the beginning or something, but exposure doesn’t mean anything to prospective buyers if there is something fundamentally wrong with your business, marketing and sales.


Do not create new account .Use the old account … Old account will increase the trust… 1 review is enough…You will face many problem in new account .
Overall , Old account is best .


First close your old account, then create a new account. Because Fiverr boost their new seller

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Thank you for all of your feedback. I have decided to keep this account for now and see what happens.


it is necessary to delete first account to build the new one ?


true ! it is better to put more progress on old one/ current one


Never do the mistake by deleting old one …You can explain that you are starting after many day in you description …

Now your wish

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