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Should i stay Online all the time awaiting for the order from client?

Hi, please tell me, if we should stay online awaiting for the order from client? my gig is all about transcriber. i’m almost 3 weeks in fiverr but according to the gig performance gig impression is higher than views and clicks. and what is the different of 3 categories?

thanks for the attention and respond.

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Being online isn’t what gets you orders. Would you buy something from someone just because they were online? I don’t think so. You discover them and choose them because they are valuable.

Also, this question has been asked countless times. Please research before you ask.


Out of interest, where did you hear this advice? Was it on this forum or another?

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just relax ma’am/sir… cheersss!

we’re just human and nobody’s perfect…

Says the person getting defensive after being asked a simple question. :roll_eyes:


bravo and congratulations!

you’re really great giving advice. thank you very much.

i now idolized you sir.

That’s why I asked where you were getting your information from. I was going to direct you to more reputable sources if you weren’t already using them.

But I can’t really help you when you reply sarcastically to my comments, can I?