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Should I stop caring?

Hey fiverrs :slight_smile:
I wanted to ask you about something that has been bothering me, while I meet many nice buyers. There are some buyers that bother me by not responding. So in my gig process I make a sketch (Based on what they told me before) and most of them if not all would change something in it. I do this because I want to make the buyer happy ( good reviews) and I don’t like revisions and edits in the final product.
So the buyers that see the sketch and not respond? Do they hate it that much? Do they not care? Are they just being rude?
Should I stop caring about the buyers and deliver the product without taking their opinion about it?


It’s business, don’t take anything personally. It’s easier said than done at times but you know your own talent. If they don’t like it then they don’t like it, that’s just the way it goes. In very rare instances I deliver a concept to someone and await a response/revision - I don’t hear from them. The order completes, I message them to follow up, I don’t hear back. I got paid, they got a concept or incomplete design. Maybe they didn’t like it…Maybe they just wanted to see their “vision” come to life and realised their vision actually sucks :wink:

Some people don’t know what they want, some people do a terrible job at describing what they want, others tell you what they want and then realise it’s not actually what they want!

If they don’t respond to you (I’m assuming you’re doing sketches in advance of an order? If so, I’d stop doing that, don’t work for nothing) then you can’t help them if they don’t communicate with you.

I wouldn’t stop caring about them - The moment you do that is the moment your service starts to suffer and your reviews will start to take a hit. Just do what they ask you to the best of your ability, query anything you’re unclear about before taking pencil to paper and do what you state you offer on your gig to the letter - That is the best you can do.


If they didn’t leave a negative review, they like it.

They are running a business too. They are working on a project and your work is a piece of the puzzle. When they get that piece, they get back to work.

There is no requirement to leave a review or contact you with praise. No news is good news! If they are unhappy, you WILL hear about it.


I do the sketches after they order, if I don’t hear from them long enough I just finish the drawing based on the sketch that they didn’t comment on.
You’re right, I shouldn’t take it personally. It’s their choice for not commeting on it :).

You’re right, thank you! :slight_smile:

“Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.” - Lao Tzu


Honestly, I recently had a buyer similar to this. She was really nice and responsive in direct messages, but once the order started, she disappeared without providing feedback for the work I was doing. Now, to be fair, it was a very short writing gig so there wasn’t much to review/revise, but on the very last day, she came back sparkling. She said that it was perfect and that she’d order from me again.

Can’t argue with that. :woman_shrugging:

That said, I generally treat no news as good news. If the person isn’t responding, it’s probably because they’re fine with whatever you’re doing. People who are unhappy tend to be very vocal about the fact.


No, they don’t hate it, they are not being rude. They really care and that’s why they spend money. The problem is, sometimes they are too busy to look into it in time. Sometimes I make a draft delivery and the order gets completed automatically after 3 days as the buyer doesn’t respond. After that they come back with comments and I make the final delivery to their inbox and have a happy ending.


They may be busy, but I can see them being online still not responding to me and that what bothered me :slight_smile:

People who buy on Fiverr may also be sellers, so it makes sense to me that someone online may still be too busy to respond. :slight_smile:

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I have that answer too. Sometimes they have to discuss on it with their team, sometimes they have to get approval from their clients (if it’s a client’s job), and they can not get everything in time. I am saying this from my experience. :slightly_smiling_face: