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Should I take a break from Fiverr?

Hey everyone! I’m just asking for a bit of advice. Everyone in my life is telling me that I should take a small two-week break from Fiverr. I don’t think I can bring myself to do it though. Although stressful and time-consuming, I am fortunate to have an opportunity to work online, doing what I love, and making a solid income while in college. I’m afraid that my rankings will drop and my gigs won’t appear in searches when I come back from the break.

Has anyone gone on vacation here? Were your gigs back to normal when you came back? I feel like I could use a break, but I don’t want to ruin everything I have worked hard for.

Thanks to anyone who answers:)


You will be missed while gone and celebrated upon return!

Yes, I’ve done a suspension due to having to take a break from Fiverr, much like yourself. I was concentrating on getting my office job back – so that I can concentrate more on Fiverr…ha!

Anyhow, as @sucantare said - within a week you are back up to optimal form within a week.

Take a break. Release the stress. Then when you’re ready to come back. Come back refueled, rejuvenated and ready!

I’ve paused popular gigs a few times in the past year. Once you reactivate, you might have a slow day or two but it always bounces back to its natural greatness within a week.


Suspending (some call it Pausing) allows messages to come thru. So folks can inquire, just not order.

Vacation Mode apparently does not allow messages, so it’s truly an “away” option.

I recently went on 10 day vacation and put it up on my profile description but did not suspend because I was not sure. I also messaged my regular buyers.

I am off again next month and am thinking about whether to suspend or use the vacation mode.

I do hope I can get messages while on vacation. I hope someone can clarify.

I suspend when I get to many orders built up, and I have been doing this for the last two years without any problems.

Suspension allows messages to go through while I believe vacation mode does not allow for messages from clients? I am not sure however, so hopefully someone can clarify.

I have never personally had a problem after taking my gigs off suspension. I have 4 suspended now and one on vacation mode because of the number of orders.

Vacation mode only allows 28 days a year, so suspension is over all the better option for me at this point. It is the only way in my opinion to control the flow of orders, other than extending the deadline, which can be a problem in and of its self.


There are 2 Sellers I know of who suspended for a month or more, and in just checking, I see they’ve each got a bunch of gigs in queue.

I suspend regularly for 1 or 2 days up to a week, and have seen nothing negative come from it.

Plus there’s the new vacation option.

Thank you to everyone who has answered so far. I think suspending might be the best option :slight_smile:

I paused my gigs for three months and within two weeks I was back to normal. I did message a couple of my repeat buyers to tell them I was back but many orders were from new buyers finding me in the searches.

Saying that, there is always the new vacation mode which might suit you better.

Take a break and don’t worry about it too much. Sometimes we need vacation time.