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Should i take his order?


Yesterday, i applied for a buyer request and that person contacted me immediately. His task was very simple and i was super clear about his requirements. But still we discussed everything and i assure that i am fully aware of his task. But then he asked me to show him demo. I wasn’t much willing to show him demo but still agree. So i created a demo, make a video and show him. Today he contacted me back and still making his requirements clear. Also asking me about the demo what i have used to build that. I didn’t share these details.

So now i am bit reluctant to work for him. For such simple task i showed him demo and i have great reviews but he isn’t showing any positive thoughts. He is a new buyer. Should i take his order? Kindly suggest me.


You shouldnt have give him a sample without heavy watermark. you need to ask him to order your gig, to further work with you.

Well, this will depend on you. Do you want to earn money or give it away because of a potential bad review?

I created a demo, make a video and send him that video to show the functionality only. I didn’t share any source files.

I only got suspicious that he could be a scammer because from yesterday he is just repeating the things that we already discussed.

send him a custom offer, and see will he accept it

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That’s not a demo. That’s unpaid labor.


Usually, I don’t provide a demo work and ask the buyer to place the order. This was 2nd time i created a demo for a client.

If you don’t feel comfortable working with the buyer don’t do it, also avoid start working on projects without an open order.

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My point was that doing free labor and unpaid work is not a demo. A demo means showing an existing thing, not making a new thing for one person who may or may not buy it to show it.


I got your point. Some people want a sample work for their task before placing the order. You are right this is unpaid labor.

I will avoid this thing because i don’t think still he will place the order. thank you

Once a customer wanted a sample from me before accepting the offer. I made the sample with limited quality and a watermark and sent it to them after which they never responded so I reported them and blocked them. There’s a ton of weird, creepy and scammy people in here. I would advise you to never do free samples again.
Cheers and stay vigilant!

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Also the sample he wanted me to do was to shorten the skirt of a girl’s picture. And my stupid self did it. He was 100% a perv that wasn’t even planning to buy anything. It didn’t matter that I watermarked the photo heavily and reduced its quality - he probably wanted to do his thing.

Yes, i can sense the same thing he might be a scammer, who just want a free work. I wouldn’t repeat this again.

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