Should i take order from seller?


Hello, good people!
I have created my account last month. what I have noticed that some seller knocked me and tried to place an order in cheap rate. now I am confused about should I take order form seller? or I should avoid them? Give me proper tips and ignore my poor English Please.
Thank you


Yes seller also make order you don’t worry about it and for cheap rate it’s depend on you since if you are new on fiverr then you need review so if possible get order in cheap rate in future you will get order with your price thanks


thank you for your suggestion. one more question, if i dont want to work in cheap rate and wait for good customer then will fiverr create any problem?
thank you


Why fiverr create any problem fiverr only want commission when ever you get order they will charge from your order and my suggestion share your gig in social media sites and try to submit buyer request hope you will get orders soon


If you don’t want to work for cheap rate, raise your service fee as long as it’s worth the price.
Many sellers are buyers here so it’s not a problem selling gigs for other sellers.
Sometime it’s a good strategy for new sellers to lower the price in exchange for good reputation.
It’s another story if the buyers request more than what is offered in the package. In this case, ask for more fee to fit the bill.


got your point… thank you


can i buy my same category. like my gig is i draw cartoon portraits so can i order a cartoon portrait from any one else,


yes you can … i have seen some of the buyer of same category have placed order




yes you can buy from same category it doesn’t meter what you are buying and where to buying since seller can also buy from any seller.


take order in cheap rate is a pain, but as a new seller review is more valuable than $$$$.


Sure you can! Just make sure you pay their price and respect their terms (delivery times, number of revisions offered…). It’s really annoying and disrespectful when a fellow seller demands discounts, shorter delivery times without paying for the extra fast delivery, or additional work without paying for it.


thanks i got it…


Since you are a new seller, you are still on a safe side. Most competitors (sellers) would come to order your gig and drop negative rating to drop your gig from ranking. Some monitors gigs on search and sometimes trying to drop it off for there gig to rank by ordering same service they offer and cancel the order or drop bad rating even if you deliver good service to them.

Good luck once again on your journey on fiverr.