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Should I Take Order?!

Hello Sellers. Need your astute suggestion. Is it safe to take order from a buyer who is on fiverr from 2015 but no review yet? Thanks in advance

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This is great timing, I just wrote about a similar topic. Hope this helps! :blush:

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hey, thanks for redirecting me. it was informative

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I don’t think a scammer would be here 5 years straight without Fiverr catching on.

It’s probably someone who likes to buy on this platform but doesn’t leave reviews. I would accept it without a doubt.

Unless, of course, he’s asking you weird questions…


i is really great comment

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I have a regular buyer who never leaves reviews anymore. She once wrote glowing reviews over a year ago. However, because seller reviews now appear on the buyer’s profile she stopped giving reviews. She is a private person and does not want anyone else to see what she buys and from whom she makes her purchases.

Your buyer could be like this lady.


insightful comment. thanks

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feeling relieved. thanks