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Should I tell A Seller That Someone is Using Their Gig Image?

I know that we shouldn’t message other sellers unless it has to do with ordering, but I have recently noticed that a seller is using the gig image of a prominent Fiverr Pro seller. Should I tell them so they can report it to CS? I did the same thing previously for another seller when someone stole their gig image. I didn’t get in trouble, but I don’t want to either. I kind of feel like it’s justified under the circumstances (I would want to know if someone stole my gig image) but I don’t know how Fiverr would look at it.


You can contact the seller and say remove this gig image if she or he can’t remove this gig then you notice or report against this gig by your source file.

I don’t think that the seller stole the image from this person’s gig, but may have found it online through Google and just decided to use it. I’m sure that if they knew the image belonged to a seller here they would change it. I would give them the opportunity to before reporting it.

Thanks for your reply.

You can report it yourself. There’s no need to contact either user.

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A newbie is using my image as well and I just look at their profile everyday, since I bookmarked it, they didn’t get any order yet. I will be happy if my image helps them get any order :slight_smile: before this I’ve made two sellers remove that image

I will probably just contact Fiverr and let them handle it. Even if they are a new seller, if they have no other warnings they shouldn’t get in too much trouble.

You are risking him reporting you for using his image.

No. This will get you a warning since contacting sellers without the intention of order is against the TOS.

Report him using the flag feature and share the link to the origin of the image in the message to CS.

But all this is if the seller is using a design of some kind and selling design work.
If they are not selling design artwork then using the same stock footage for GIG is not an issue.

Every seller in the data entry category can use the same image of a computer with a person typing behind.

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Thank you. I wasn’t sure where to report it. I followed your instructions and put it under “non-original content.”

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I didn’t want her to get her account banned, but at the same time, we all have to follow the rules.

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The image in question is of the seller themselves. It is her photo, and she’s a pro seller who has been in Fiverr advertisements, articles, and sells books on Amazon. I won’t say her name, but she’s a famous Fiverr alumni. So, it’s not just a stock photo, but she may have found it on Google and just assumed it was OK to use.

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Yeah, that’s a definite ‘NO’. Thank you for reporting it.

knock the support and tell them , fiverr will delete that’s sellers gig and give them a warning as a gift :grinning: