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Should I update GiG


Please take a look and let me know…Should I update the description?

Create a wordpress landing page for your product


Hey tristanphillips :slight_smile: I took a look at your gig and I am not sure if your graphics on there are a video or presentation that the computer I am at just can’t play right now, but if it is a still image, I think you could actually update the pic to a more detailed graphic. That might help catch people’s eye more.

Also, to me, your description sounds great. The only thing I would add is a beginning sentence that states simply what you are offering in non-technical terms… something like “Need more traffic for your new business? I will create an explosive landing site that will drive customers to you!”…and then leave the rest of the description the same to explain everything as you have done.

I know my suggested sentence probably didn’t capture your service the way you wanted but I hope what I am trying to say made sense to you. If you can find time to take a look at my gig also, I would greatly appreciate it! Good luck!!! I hope I helped a little :slight_smile:

Stopmotion advertisement


Thank you for your feedback.