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Should I use promoted gigs?

I have a question. Suppose if my gig is on top already, first page so should I use promoted gig feature on that gig or not? Keeping in mind, i am getting clicks, impressions on that already, if I use promoted gig feature, I will be giving free money to fiverr since i am already getting clicks. What do you all think? Please guide? Only the experience veterans please tell.
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I need to know this question.
I following this post.

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I’ve not used the ‘feature’ myself, but from what I’ve read here on the forums, (depending on your category) it’s not worth it (at this time).


@mariashtelle1 @lloydsolutions @catwriter @frank_d can you guys also advice? thanks

In that case I would say no.

But then again, if you have a gig which qualifies, but doesn’t get a lot of sales, you can try. I have one and I got 4 sales from this feature. It’s an extra way to generate sales, so you can try the $10 credit that Fiverr gives you and see how many sales you get. In my case, it worked for a gig and didn’t really for for 2 others. So you do need to test it out on your own, no one really has the answer.

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How can I get this feature? I want to promote my gigs.

I got this feature yesterday, and today I noticed a drop of around 200 impressions and 20 clicks and no new messages even though my gig is still on top and i got atleast 2 messages daily before this feature came to me.I guess Fiverr will make me use the feature to get my gig and impressions back up. I might have to try the feature but logical wise it does not make sense when your gig is already on top. The other fear i have is that if i decided to stop the feature, i am afraid i might lose this ranking as well which i got as per their algorithm.

That’s why I don’t use this kind of experimental stuff on my main gig.

I used it on a gig that barely had any traction, no messages or daily sales for weeks. So the chances of messing things up on that gig were minimal. That being said, I tried on 2 other gigs (when I was removed from search, so that might have been a factor), and it didn’t work there. For this one, it was ok.

Hopefully you get your impressions and views back.

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I don’t use that feature, so I don’t have any experience with it to share.

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I also didnt used that feature until today i noticed the drop, which made me think to use the feature. Unfortunately, None of my other gig is eligible so i had to enable since this sudden drop but my position staying the same is maybe a sign that fiverr wants me to use that. So i enabled that feature few hours ago. And in since 4 hours, zero clicks and one impression only. Lets see what the stats show tomorrow morning. Hopefully i get a positive response.

It is widely discussed here:

Promoted Gigs is a feature that’s only available to specific sellers. There’s also specific criteria that you have to meet!

You can find more info here: