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Should new sellers be promoted to page first!

well i was thinking that this platform must give equal weightage to all the sellers by shuffling them to page first.
1- its hard to find any order for new sellers in overcrowded scenario
2- 90% of buyers don’t bother to go to second or third page, these two pages are mostly crowded with old sellers.
3- it must be just SHUFFLE , it can help new sellers alot to be recognized.
4- NO OFFENSE, old sellers already have permanent customers.
ONLY the skilled freelancers can survive, so it was my opinion to get equal opportunities for everyone especially the “struggling” new sellers.
Your Word would be appreciated :relaxed:


New sellers already get a temporary boost. Not all sellers (even new ones) can be on the first page.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.


Yes, they do. There have been several threads on the Fiverr Forum about this made by disgruntled successful sellers who have had their gigs pushed back in the search because new sellers have their gigs promoted by Fiverr on the earlier pages for about a month.


Well, literally ALL sellers was new, and all sellers under the same conditions, and when new sellers think, that they need some special conditions, thin is wrong - we all was new, we all made efforts. New sellers need to work hard, to offer high quality services - that will really help. Special conditions and promotion will not help, if the service is poor


Happy new year.

Please understand a few things:

  1. Fiverr already place some new sellers on first pages. Just because your gig isn’t there, it doesn’t mean others can’t be.
  2. Fiverr shuffle gigs often. It isn’t static as it used to be.
  3. Old sellers doesn’t have permanent customers. They have clients. Which can come back or not. just because old sellers are here for more time, it doesn’t mean they doesn’t deserve to get new clients.
  4. Fiverr is a reputation based platform. If you want to get better places on search you should do a great work along the time like the old sellers.
  5. Fiverr isn’t a place where you create a gig and then fiverr direct buyers to you. Fiverr is a place where you can promote your work to the world by yourself. The way that fiverr dispose the gigs, is the best way they found to maximize their profit while maintain a good quality standards. This is why top rated veteran sellers are essential to fiverr, and not doubtable new sellers who never proved their skills.

Old sellers are the ones who helped fiverr to become what it is today. Fiverr have special section for new sellers. Hiding that new sellers are really new sellers, by placing them in good featured positions, could be misleading buyers to believe these are good, without these properly proved they are really good enough to be featured in good positions (first pages).

Fiverr isn’t a place to give a chance to new sellers. Fiverr is a serious place which gives the opportunity to skilled seller prove their skills.

If you was a veteran seller, which happens with the time for ALL seller who succeed and stick with fiverr, you wouldn’t like to replaced by new seller who didn’t proved if they are good or not.

If you want not to struggle, start promoting your services. If you wait to fiverr doing this, than you will keep struggling.


God bless you.
well i wasn’t asking for the special conditions and special privileges for the newbies.
no one is perfect, we learn by doing. incompetent sellers will get negative reviews and eventually buyers will ignore them.
competency requires opportunity to prove.

Very well explained, thanks
veterans are asset to fiver NO DOUBT.
but my point was to give some weightage to new sellers to prove themselves.
fiver is buyer’s Oriented, if the new seller is not competent than the buyer can withdraw anytime.

Well, this is buyer AND seller oriented. Also it’s reputation oriented, this is why there is this amazing RATING feature (like in the most famous sites, like EBAY, AMAZON, etc). And reputation comes with time and hard work.

Buyer withdraw anytime will directly affect good AND bad seller. It would raise the scammer buyers. Also, many buyers are time sensitive, they can’t just keep risking to find a good seller by lucky.

And it is already weighted. There is new AND veterans on first pages. Other than this only if the first pages would be all for new seller, then there wouldn’t be a meaning for NEW SELLERS section, or BEST SELLING section.

There are more features for new sellers than for veterans. Here a few:

  1. Placement used to be static. Now it rotates to give a chance to new and discrete gigs.
  2. Better placement used to be just for veterans, now there are new sellers there too. EVEN in the BEST SELLING section.
  3. There are new sellers section.
  4. Veteran sellers with a few orders in queue can’t search requests in BUYERS REQUESTS.

Veteran sellers should have the best placements if they proved they are good. This is a reward for their hard work.

My gig is the best seller in vector tracing category, and my gig was already placed on the last page to give place for a new seller with less than 10 reviews.

First pages are a great reward for the sellers. If people want to get there just for doing nothing, me as a buyer too, I wouldn’t trust fiverr.

ALSO, as a buyer, I want to get the best sellers for what I’m looking for. I don’t want to lose time searching for the best. And most of the buyers are like this. Just a few doesn’t mind ordering by new sellers. Why should fiverr force their millionaire algorithm for the minority?

When I started, it was only oriented to best and veteran sellers and I still get there. Every veteran and well succeeded seller was a new seller someday.

My only suggestion is too accept how it is now and promote your gig. It was a way harder for new seller before.

Giving placement for buyers without they prove they are good, will not encourage them to do a good work. Earn the placement is the best way as reward. This is why you should do a good work to be there, and not be there to maybe start doing a good work. This is called merit :slight_smile:


I disagree. Buyers are not ‘permanent’ customers.

Longterm collaborations come to an end for many reasons.

  • the buyer’s business model has changed.
  • the buyer has retired or got a new job elsewhere.
  • their businesses has folded / no longer trades.
  • or they just fancied seeing if there’s someone better.

Only a naive seller would believe a returning customer is with them for life.

As sellers we constantly have to ensure a steady flow of new buyers.


You know what?

I’m going to use an example that comes from my years of retail/marketing.

If you have a product that people want…and they truly want…it doesn’t matter where you are. Your customers will find you.

They will search for you.

If not being on Page One is a real issue for you, then you need to take a hard look at your marketing and the product you have.

Be patient.

There is a lot of competition out there.

Sooner or later the cream rises to the top.

Maybe that will include you.


Do you happen to know how long the temporary boost is? I thankfully think I have gotten some boost which has really helped me get some reviews quickly.

I have heard the boos is for 2 weeks to a month.

Even if you’re not on page one, you will be given some exposure. 6/10 of my orders are from the buyer’s request jungle and two were exploitative (the first 2 reviews of every single gig is my quota).

You will meet every type of people, from every kind of organisation. My first month, I wrote for a porn star podcast, a tourism board of an Asian country, and an ivy, trying to work me to death. I had to reject the ivy because of the time constraint (22k words in a week time of academic paper, I wouldn’t even have the time to research the terms required).

My experience is to do buyer’s request. See it on your desktop and mobile devices… you can tell which buyer is sincere, in a non-scientific method that I do, by observing the buyer’s username, request, and apply selectively.

It is tiring but I believe once you get a few reviews… people will come to you w/o the need of swinging from branch to branch in the jungle.

4 more days to Level One. The good news is, once Fiverr releases the cash, I will be able to get a logo done properly.


Are you saying the ‘ivy’ asked you to do an academic paper? Are you aware that you could get a warning or even lose your account for doing academic work? :thinking: :flushed: :woman_facepalming:t2: If not you really should read TOS.

Translation of academic materials from the university to their students, many students aren’t able to travel and they are managing it.

Thanks for clarifying the situation.

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From several platforms that I tested none of them give a chance to beginners, even don’t accept your registration.

The Fiverr has the “Buyer Request” page to help the beginners, i used this page until reach the level 1… of course there so many requests that are spam… is not easy but you can’t expect that the others make something for you.

The algarith can’t be manipuled, this is why exist ratings and levels on the plataform… in the same way that you can increase your level… you can lost it if you don’t keep a great work.