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Should SELLERS be prohibited from posting Buyer Requests?


Should SELLERS be prohibited from posting Buyer Requests?

These are usually (not always) the worst buyers anyway. They are too lazy to Search and find quality Sellers. They underprice their own work—usually because it is substandard and that’s all it’s worth. They have little respect for their work and therefor little respect for others.

They know the system and know they can use the threat of cancellations to bully other sellers.

Let me clarify a couple things.

It’s well established that a majority of Buyer Requests are from buyers looking for the lowest common denominator of Price, Quality, and Service. (This not to ignore legitimate buyer who wants the highest quality and service and is willing to pay for it.) Complaints abound in the Community and I really don’t have to justify that statement.

What I am saying here is that fiverr has designed BRs to be a last resort, or for a project so special that it cannot be easily found through normal methods. (I can refer you to fiverr’s own statements.)

I am saying that a large portion of the Buyers I have described are also fiverr Sellers. They are abusing the system and are an embarrassment. I further say that because of this, Sellers should be restricted or banned from using BRs.

Let me save you some typing. there are good Buyers and good sellers who use the system wisely and the way it was intended.


Sellers can be buyers as well, and are often delightful.

As can any buyer, whether they’re a seller or not.


Do you really dislike other sellers as much as you seem to? We’re all potential buyers too. :wink:


Other sellers have been some of my best customers. They know what it’s like, they always leave reviews and many of them tip. I’m pretty sure that I’m pretty solid as a buyer, too. I have no clue what you’ve experienced but it’s not typical, IMO.

I am happy for all legit buyers using buyer requests.


Hardly. First I said usually, not always. Secondly, the better sellers know how to find quality collaborators and are willing to pay for them.

Third there is no need to defend good sellers who buy on the platform. If you find good sellers on BRs, great for you. Those few don’t negate the vast majority that I’m talking about,


Other sellers have been some of my best customers. They know what it’s like, they always leave reviews and many of them tip. I’m pretty sure that I’m pretty solid as a buyer, too. I have no clue what you’ve experienced but it’s not typical, IMO.

I’m happy for you. Yours is not the common experience. If you peruse the Community you will see I am not the only one complaining. As I noted in my post there are exceptions.

Your vote is noted


I hate to see one seller bad mouthing other sellers - it looks bad on all of us.


I am not bad mouthing you or anyone, The post has been edited,

I should think the actual behavior of sellers like I described is what looks bad on all of us.


I’m a PRO Buyer/ Level :two: Seller.

However, as a Buyer, I avoid BR at all cost. I just take some time to search for suitable candidates. Whenever I submitted a detailed request(s) with easy instructions, I just got rubbish in return from Sellers who didn’t…

A. Read my request.
B. Didn’t offer the service I requested but still applied.
C. A case of sticky fingers, just applying to all requests to land the job.

Anyway, to answer your question. No, I feel Sellers should be allowed to post BR. One bad or [insert number here] :apple: shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of us. Not all Sellers are up to no good, I’m sure there are a few that just want to hire decent help to complete a project.


Bravo or Brava! My point, exactly.

However, unlike in real life where a few can spoil it for the rest, here it is the many who spoil it for the few.


I’ll accept that my experience is not your experience. I also think Nika’s experience is about herself as a buyer, so that’s a bit different. She still said:

I don’t think you can show any proof that my experience with seller/buyers on BR is not common. So far, you seem to be in a minority with your opinion. Interesting discussion.


We shall see. What I describe is certainly not the minority of BRs. Nor is it the minority in other Community posts I have seen.

I am still waiting for a justification that other Sellers can’t find what they need on the platform through normal means and have to use BRs. Considering fiverr provided it as a last resort, not a first resort.


Since most Sellers are Buyers… They should be allowed to post legitimate requests, of course, the ones trying to hawk their services should be banished. Edited my post to include PRO Buyer, got an update from CS will post it in the monster :japanese_ogre: thread. :smiley:


I think the question is supposed to be ‘should other sellers be able to post a BR’ - a genuine BR to buy from another seller, not promoting themselves in BR.


Any seller knows better than looking for quality work on the BR page. Whenever I want to order a service, I spend time to research for the best seller. I think the only sellers that go to the BR page are those advertising their service in the wrong place


I’ll remove my comments since I can’t understand the intent of this post.


No problem! :wink: :sunny:


This we agree on. BR was an afterthought, really, and was never intended to be a big part of the Fiverr experience for anyone.


This I disagree with. When I was starting out, BR was my primary source of orders. It does work increidbly well when used as intentded but over the years its gradually gotten worse.

If Fiverr put at least half the effort in the BR section that it puts in to making its edgy marketing campaigns then BR really would be viable source of orders for sellers. That’s my two cents on the matter.


So did a lot of people who were once willing to work for $5. But as you noted, times they have changed.

As I have stated fiverr never intended the BRs to be a crutch for lazy Buyers and Sellers. fiverr never intended works to be done for $5, either. That was always a starting price and if you were smart, you structured your gig to encourage value added services.

There will always be Buyers wanting cheap jobs and Sellers willing to sell them below average work. We don’t have to make it easy for them.


I’m sorry that you’ve had bad experiences with sellers, but all my clients I picked up from BR have been a delight to work with :stuck_out_tongue: So the answer to your main questions is NO. Everyone should be able to post a request.

And BR is not for lazy people, it’s meant for specific tasks. Rather than asking 10 developers if they can write a specific app, you can describe the app and let developers who can do it bid on it.

There problem is not with the people who use it, the problem starts with the poorly designed feature. UW runs mainly on bids and the reason it works is because it wasn’t an afterthought for them. They built a system that works. Fiverr doesn’t care about BR as much because they have a different system.