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Should the vector file be listed in the delivered files?


I just received my delivery from the seller. In the listed of delivered files there are only .jpg but I ordered a vector. Will it show up once I accept the offer or do I need to work it out with the seller?


Did you ask him and/or did he explicitly say he has or will include vector file?


I asked him and paid explicitly for a vector file. It is my first time as a buyer on Fiverr, so I am not sure what is standard.


The seller probably won’t send you the vector file until you accept that you’re happy with the jpg he sent you. Unfortunately there are some unethical buyers on Fiverr who will take the vector file, tell the seller they don’t like the delivery, ask the seller to cancel & refund, then use the vector file anyway.


If you paid for it, you should get it. If there a reason you are not getting it, then the seller should state why, not let you guess.


Just tell the seller you are happy with the design and he can send you the vector file. He might wait for you to let him know if you need any changes to it before delivering all the final files. :slight_smile: