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Should there be a voice calling option on fiverr?

So, I would like to ask my fellow sellers, would they like it seeing a calling option (both video and normal calls) apart from fiverr chat to communicate with their customers.

  1. According to me, chats are less engaging (however, everyone has their own perspective of seeing things), if me and my client decide mutually, that we can have a quick call instead of chatting which will save time too (Personally, I don’t like writing long texts to clients explaining them how my process works)
  2. It is easier to connect to potential customers and more than that it becomes easy to explain them some complex topics and if we are able to connect well, chances are that the buyer can convert.

These 2 points right now are there in my mind, however there are some cons for it too. So, I would like to ask my fellow members whether they would like the calling feature or not.

  • Yes, I would love to see the calling feature as an addition in the near futute
  • No, the calling feature is not something I want

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PS: I have created a poll for the first time, so ignore any mistakes, and any suggestions would be appreciated
I am also aware that a lot of sellers may try to misuse the option to violate the ToS, so any suggestions on how this can be prevented will be appreciated


I can see how it would be useful for some sellers, but I would not want it personally. Buyers would want to call you about every single little issue that they might have. You would have to schedule the call, and that might be difficult if you are in different time-zones. If you are responding in writing, you are free to respond whenever you want to. In that sense, it also takes out some of the freedom of being a freelancer.

It would also lead to a lot of wasted time. Buyers will be more likely to rant about unnecessary things in a call or to expect us to chit-chat. I simply do not have time for that.

Also, it is easier to understand and refer to all the requirements if you have a written record, and it also makes it easier for Fiverr to protect sellers and enforce ToS if everything is in writing.


Yeah, I got your point and I agree with you on that. But many a times, we have clients sending messages like hey, please can you explain me your that how we would move ahead with the order and explain how your process works?, I have to send long explanations on questions like these and these clients in the end do not reply again, so that would save my time.
Also, as in your case, you can talk to the clients and tell them that you’ll call them on a specific time everyday (of course according to the time zone) and give updates regularly and give updates regarding the order.
Or maybe fiverr can add an additional feature of setting on/off availability for calls which can help in this case

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also buyer can provide personal info and more chances of doing buisness outside fiverr so this is not something i want

Recently my brother who is an app developer, built an app for a client where voice to text system worked on a call. So, if buyer or seller talk about something like that, it can be automatically flagged but I know implementing it on a large scale is difficult
Many rival platforms have successfully implemented this too

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I could do that, but for me, that would defeat the purpose of being a freelancer. Well, maybe not completely defeat it, but it would devalue it for me. Now, if I was paid very handsomely per minute, though …


i agree bro fiverr is very beautiful right now so any changes shud be made very carefully and voicecall might destroy fiverr


Voice calls are an absolute necessity for me. Atm I can only do them through Fiverr’s system if an order is in place, and it forces me to use chrome, which is annoying. If Fiverr implemented a voice calling system that would work cross platform and could be used prior to order placement, that would be ideal.

Voice calls lead to bigger sales, higher customer satisfaction, less wasted time, less cancelations, better reviews and less nightmare buyers. Extremely useful for revisions as well, I spent 4 hours yesterday on a call and screenshare with a client revising a video, and was able to close the order then and there. If I was going back and forth through messages, having to deliver and re-deliver again, it would have taken a week.

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This will never happen as fiverr cannot moderate voice/video calls. Thus business can be made outside fiverr and what big corporate companies hate is loosing money. So yeah, will never happen.

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It already exists, albeit only for open orders. So yeah, it can happen.

Wait what? Huh. Never knew that. Guess I was wrong, is it a pro only feature though?

I don’t think so, but it’s in beta, so not everyone can see it. My problem with it is that it only works in Chrome and on open orders, so it’s not very useful.

Voice calls didn’t make sense when Fiverr was a marketplace for $5 quick jobs. Now you have people selling stuff for thousands, it’s a necessity. I wouldn’t drop thousands on something without speaking to the seller on a call first. Reviews can be faked, portfolio can be faked, even text messaging can be faked. A real time call can’t be faked effectively. And when physical meetings are not possible (such as in an online marketplace), calls are the cornerstone of sales. Every good salesman is a cold calling master.

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Yes, currently is a Pro only feature.

Even if they implemented a new call option for the inbox, my guess is it would still be a Pro-only feature.

It makes sense as we need to discuss more complicated, bigger projects and we need to build more trust for higher price sales.


Nice to know.

I agree completely, but the implementation at the moment can’t really be used to build trust for higher price sales since it’s only available once an order starts. Unless you have a consulting only gig, or something, but that’s another can of worms - people don’t want to pay for something that may well not lead anywhere, too risky to have as a gig. I can already picture it:

“What, I paid you for the call and we found out we’re not a good fit? I want my money back or I’ll leave you a 1 star review!”

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Another post, 5 years ago, you told that the quality of the video call is trash, has it improved in these years or it is still the same?

Thank you for researching my past posts, yes the video quality is still pretty bad.

As a Pro seller I am allowed more leeway to schedule my own video calls using the same platform Fiverr uses, which yields better results.

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I never did video calls, what’s the purpose? Voice calls and screen sharing are very useful for video work, but I really do not need to see my clients face or have them see mine lol.

Well it’s a completely different approach.

I use video because it lowers barriers for me personally.

I have invested in how I present myself and what I project to prospects as it helps me close leads in some cases.

Ah, I see, it’s a marketing thing. Makes sense. I guess it’s also a matter of preference, I really dislike this trend of personal branding, or attaching your person to your work, even though I know it can get good results. I want to sell a product, who I am shouldn’t matter. That’s why I like to present as a brand, not as a person.

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Like I said. It’s a completely different approach.

There is no right or wrong here.

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