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Should TRS offer any services at $5?


Considering that we are all trying to make as much money as possible, and fiverr is doing everything it can to convince us to up the rates, I have to ask, whether TRS sellers should offer any services for at $5 at all.

In my category presently there are 6,896 sellers, 212 of which are TRS, That’s 3%. If this group is not charging premium prices, they are throwing away a great opportunity. There are senior sellers with thousands and thousands of great reviews still offering 150 words delivered in 24 hours for $5, as if they were still noobs. Not only are those sellers depressing prices for everyone else, but they are leaving tons of money on the table.

There are lots of great L1&2 sellers who are priced way above the $5. But the fact that there are TRS still there is astonishing.

Just one adjustment from $5 to $10 and you double your income. I am amazed at all the TRS in my category still giving it away.


Yeah, I still offer some services at $5.
I am really starting to think I can start from $10 like you said, especially for my
translation gig.
It’s not just about the money, but if I can say so myself I think I do have the
skills where I don’t need to start from the basic $5,
no matter how easy some jobs are to me.

maybe I should really, REALLY think about it…


i have 2 friends in the VO section (one TRS one L2) both who have just decided to jack the rates and they are both making more $$ for less work. Plus the benefit of the $5 buyers disappearing.

Professor Baas’s (@jonbaas) theory about badge color not determining your success still holds very true. If you have the quality you can charge top dollar no matter your level. I just am amazed that the ones who have the highest level squander it.


That’s insane to me, just leaving money on the table.


I’m in the VO arena as well, a L2, and wondering at what point I raise my prices . At the moment my hesitation is that I am confident that I’m good, but I know I’m not great… Yet.

I’ve been slowly making upgrades to my equipment and software. Almost every dime I’ve made on Fiverr has been reinvested. New sound booth, new interface. I’m also working on improving my delivery and technique.

I’ve decided to let my quality guide my price increases regardless of level. I’m at a plateau at the moment, as my next upgrades will be costly (gotta save up), but my thinking is that once I raise my prices, buyers will expect (and rightfully so) even higher quality, and I need to be prepared to deliver that regardless of my level.


Interesting observation, Mike!

I definitely understand your POV.

Bear with me this one is kinda long. It’s a rainy day :umbrella: in my woods. :coffee:

It’s not my place to question why people price their gigs the way they do. However, I’ll candidly admit that my eyebrows do rise :hushed: when I see certain (Sellers) offering so much for $5. As a lvl2 Seller, my base price is sitting at $10 one or two at $15. Would I like to increase those rates? Hell, yeah! But, as you know the VO category is VERY competitive. Pretty darn fierce for lack of a better word. I’m sure the other categories are too. I think some people fear that business will come to a complete dead :radioactive: zone. In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m just going with the flow and taking light :high_heel: steps – trail & error is another approach as well.

Personally speaking, it was a hard decision to start another stream of income on Fiverr. Why? Well, as we all know these rates are way below industry standards and whatnot. So, it was extremely difficult to adjust to things to fit Fiverr’s model. Like Tim Gunn would say “make it work”. So, you know what? I pulled up my skinny jeans :jeans: and made it work like a boss chick. :stuck_out_tongue:

A stagnant base rate of $5 wasn’t in my house of :black_joker: cards. There’s always room to evolve as a savvy businesswoman. If it ain’t about dollars, then it doesn’t make sense. :money_mouth_face:


Only you can determine that, but you have over 100 great reviews. You may consider slight tweaks like dropping word count from 200 to 150 or 100 for the same $5, only to look at again later. The word count adjustment is a soft adjustment that is not as obvious as the price increase. Congrats on the constant self improvement.


Agree. And my point isn’t an attempt to tell everyone what their rate should be, just thinking that if the folks who are really underselling the market are not helping anyone. The psychology could be, why would I pay more when I can get a TRS to do 150 words overnight for $5? I am really suggesting that we help everyone around us when we reduce the $5 choices in any category.


Absolutely right. I have no idea why some TRS are selling anything for $5 or $10. Some have thousands of 5 star reviews. And these are sellers who are in the US!


I could even see a TRS requirement driven off average gig/sale price. Besides, it is good for everyone, It allows the folks who have earned the TRS to charge more, and leaves the $5 gigs for the folks who need them to get up to speed and build their business.


Yup! It’s called setting the bar high. :smiley:

I enjoy eating a yummy prime cut steak :cut_of_meat: over ramon noodles or a $5 footlong any day.



Dat looks Delish!!! :heart_eyes:

OMG, my mouth is watering right now. :drooling_face: I looked them up in my city and whaddayaknow there’s one nearby. What’s weird about it… I’ve NEVER heard of them before until today. :hushed:

I :heart: me a good hearty steak + seafood :fried_shrimp:


Personally I think the fiverr marketplace is a very big and diverse one, and that whilst you should price yourself but competitive and in accordance to what you consider your worth. It is also bad practice to ignore potential clients because they do not meet your budget minimum. Instead of closing the doors on them, you can come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Examples:

  • Trade a discount for an extra review
  • Up the delivery time for a discount
  • Run discounts on social media and have them follow you, so they can purchase when it suits them.

This are some examples of things to do to both help your buyer and yourself.
Best of luck with all your future sells.

With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


That violates TOS. 20 characters.


A violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (bribing buyers).

Giving them links to your social media is another violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (sharing personal contact information).


WTH did I just read? smh

I think it’s time for folks to start reading Fiverr’s ToS.


Been working with Fiverr for years now, and just recently after a huge hurricane did I stop being a TRS. You are here to help your clients. You do not bribe them by offering them lower prices.

If I’m mistaken I apologize, but I strongly disagree, if you stop looking at it from the point of view of just making a sale, and you truly want to be professional devoted to your client’s success, which is something we should all aspire to do as it becomes our success as well, it wouldn’t be a concern of TOS.


Exactly the same reason that you used to until fairly recently - fear of change.
These sellers who have been running at $5 since 2011/12 are terrified that increasing their price will destroy everything they have built. My thoughts on it is that if a small price increase is out of the question well then respectfully, they have not really built that much.


In my category there is the feeling that if you charge more sales will stop. Everyone says that. I had enough buyers who were happy to pay more that it wasn’t that big a leap.