Should we able to ban some buyer to buy our gigs?


Some of buyers never provide asking and required information and they are continuously making this mistake in every repeating order. Some buyer is not interesting to provide good feedback even though they are ordering same gig again and again. But never taking care to provide some good feedback. I think we should need to ban this type of buyer. Is there any trick to ban this kind of buyers?


The only way to do it is to message the buyer and tell them that you are not interested in dealing with them. Other than that, this place has nothing to help you with bad buyers.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: In my experience with that, the buyer makes a new account just to buy the gig and give negative feedback.


I wish there was a ‘block buyer’ button.


i just started on fiverr i got 4 orders all completed, but i never faced with same problem as this one so chill up admins will take care about them


@antise233, Thank god, you didn’t face this kind of situation and I hope won’t get this issue in future too. But I think this option should be provided as feature request that we can put some of buyers in ban list without informing to buyer. Otherwise as per @mrspanda, buyer will create new account and just buy the gig and give negative feedback.


This is an excellent idea, there are certain buyers who are just not pleased / does not appreciate any amount of extra revisions that I do for them for free - and the worst thing is that even if they order one gig they expect so much out of it. If I don’t do it or request to place more orders, they are not happy with it and has left negative feedback in the past. I think sellers should definitely have the option to choose not to deal with certain buyers.


Makemebark on Fiverr


I for one will never feel BAD about any repeated Buyer who does neither leave a good Feedback nor Bad one.

Look people differ a lot and emotions at a point differs too. In all let a Buyer Positive Rating come NATURALLY and you will have 100% peace of mind about any positive rating you receive.

We as Sellers are made so by Buyers so never expect anyone to be all what you want. It is your duty as a Seller to get set to be all things to every one that comes your way but tactfully and patiently.

I am a level 2 Seller today applying the two qualities I stated above.