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Should We Apply To Buyer Request With No Hire History?

Hi, Everyone, Hope you’re having a good day!

** I’ve Noticed Many Buyers Request comes with no hire history and with new account established from (2019 - 2020) So what should we do now?**

Should I apply to that buyer request? Because we’ve only 10 offers and I thought this Is like wasting our request? What are your thoughts about this?

As a New Seller on Fiverr, I thought instead of wasting that request on new buyers we should only target old buyers with Hire History!

You can have a look at this buyer. No Hire History!


well 10 requests per day is way more than enough.
So far I sent 40 requests and 5 buyers contacted me. So sending offers to buyers’ requests might be a good choice for freshers.

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Hmm That’s a good point. By the thanks for responding :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t mean anything.

Every buyer is a first-time at first. Maybe he loves being a seller and has realized it’s a great way to buy what he wants. I became a Fiverr buyer long after I became a Fiverr seller.