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Should We Avoid Late Deliveries?

Hello! I want to ask the sellers about how they handle late deliverers, This is what I do. I am often late(cuz I try constantly to add orders in queue) and when an Order is marked as “Late” I would go to the order page and type in the chat “Hello, your Order is marked as “Late”, but please do not worry I will deliver soon”. Then I deliver when I am finished.
But I know that many sellers avoid late deliveries by any means. They negotiate with buyers, asking them to mark a order as delivered just so it is not “Late”. I think it affects your search potions, but I am not completely sure. So my question is - Should we avoid late deliveries, why and how?

In my view, as a seller, we surely should avoid late deliveries!
Why? Multiple reasons:

  1. Buyers expect us to deliver on agreed time while placing order
  2. Buyers order based on the Gigs we created, which indicates the possible timeframe we can deliver. Which means if we are always late - we have an issue in planning our delivery times.
  3. More the late deliveries, more apologies we need request! Not a great sign I guess if its a repetitive thing.

How to avoid?

  1. Review the gigs that we offer, check the time-frames we have committed to & update if needed.
  2. Since you have a lot of orders to cater - which is really good - try to add packages like “Extra fast” while keep the basic gig at more number of days. This way we can plan well on which delivery to work on priorities!
  3. In a scenario where you have multiple “Extra-fast” deliveries scheduled - Talk to some sellers and negotiate time frames possible for you to deliver!
  4. If we have shown some work, which is in review by buyers and delaying; initiate the delivery on time, and add a request note clearly stating that you initiated delivery and will still be available to update if they need you to. Maybe via direct messages instead of order page.

Hope these pointers help, will like to hear what other sellers views are as well.

Happy Selling!

This is a relatively silly question, to which I will provide a simple answer. There is a countdown timer on every order for a reason. It exists so that sellers complete all orders before the timer reaches zero. So, yes, complete all orders before the deadline. Intentionally waiting to complete an order late could result in some serious problems with your seller reputation, as well as an increase in negative or “failed to complete on time” reviews.

Complete ALL orders on time. That is the intended goal of the Fiverr system.

Thank you! I really liked the idea where all the basic gigs have big delivery times and an option for a faster delivery for additional $$. However, sometimes I think a one-day-delivery time is truly appealing for buyers.

Does it affect my search ranking?

Thanks. Good to know that.

I have a further question. I have delivered gigs and forgot to hit the “delivery” button. I sent them in the message field and woke up the next day to a “late” order notification. I always redeliver in the proper field immediately and explain the mistake to the buyer. They don’t care because they got what they paid for on time, but should I worry? Does it affect my ratings or appearance in the search?

Not sure if being late has any practical effect on ranking but the way i seen it it should, after all if your late you haven’t lived up to your service description.

Hm maybe fiverr could add a system that automatically deducts 1 star if late (regardless of what rating the buyer gives) unless you have a valid reason (a tornado took my computer away, i was hit by a car, a piano fell on me etc).

As long as the buyer doesn’t hit the cancel button on the late order the gig will just autocomplete in 3 days.

Late deliveries affect your gig search…so avoid that…