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Should we be scared?

Markets are collapsing all over the world. What does it mean to freelancers such as us? Should we be scared? We can’t be immune to what’s happening around the world. What do you think?

Yes, stocks have begun the overdue correction and will continues. The worst is yet to come and will affect the US and buying habits for years in future.

I’ve said for years, it’s best to have multiple streams of income. For example: if you have seven different income sources, if one fails, the other six should keep you going and then you replace the failed one with another.

You can also search online regarding business revenues and see if it’s going or up or down as well as alexa ranking for traffic. It’s all there, just need to search.

You probably won’t be in business long if you let fear control you. Every business venture is a risk (even here on Fiverr). Don’t allow yourself to sit back and wait, take a risk and make the best of things. Do what you love, build a business around the services that you are good at, and take that business as far as it will go.

The world and global economy around us are always in constant flux. Don’t wait and wonder, take risks, and take things as they come. You won’t make any money as a freelancer if you don’t get out there and make things happen.

Hi, I agree with the points made by both of you. I think as we get older, (I’m in my 30s), we need to invest in fitness just as much as we do on work and making money. I have made a lot of money by Indian standards in the last decade, have parked them all in safe havens that give me a fixed income and can tide over any financial crisis. But as I read an article by a financial blogger targeted at those in their 30s - invest in your fitness now, because the biggest expenses in the future will be related to health. Stay healthy, and make time for exercise, even if it means sacrificing come of the time you give for work. I work 14-15 hours a day and haven’t exercised in more than a decade, I need to change how I do things. So, your best insurance in a failing economy is your health.

I agree. Health is very important, and learning how to maintain it will pay dividends as you continue to get older. You also need to learn how to find time for you – time that you aren’t working – time for relaxation and fun. A work day of 14-15 hours is a very long work day. If you can shorten that somehow, make that a priority too. Exercise won’t be enough if you’re also working yourself too hard.

Lol…I have fun, watch the Jimmy Kimmel show from 10 pm to 11 om before going to sleep, and have picked up a new habit of reading the posts on Fiverr forum. But that’s about it :slight_smile: I know, sad life. LOL

And there’s British football on Sat and Sun :slight_smile: That’s my life.

Yes, I agree with you. We should keep track our conditions of our health.

Okay, I don´t know anything about stock market, and I am not going to even pretend that I know (it´s just not my expertise and I have never worked in that field). But anyway, I am in my 30s too. About exercise, I used to go jogging for exercise. But now I go to dancing classes (No, I don´t wanna be a professional dancer, it´s just for fun). I am house wife, but my husband still works. This is how he keeps himself fit: He takes me out almost every night after he finishes working (we have a little dinner and have a walk for about one hour - we don´t use the car on purpose as we want to have a walk), and then once every 2 weeks we go out of town for some adventures (hiking in the mountain, etc). We go abroad twice a year for recreation. Both my husband and I love travelling (but of course people are different - not everyone likes travelling). In fact, we are flying to South East Asia today in the afternoon (it´s still morning here as I am writing this), we prefer to do it now instead of in December last year for some reasons (so I have set my profile to vacation mode). Anyway, similar to you, in my 20s I had worked my butt off (I started to work when I was 19 years old). I started as a freelance writer for a magazine when I was still studying in the university and then I got more steady and better jobs after I graduated, I even had my own small business, but now I am a house wife (with some decent separate savings in different ˝pockets˝ from my own sweat). I have enjoyed being on Fiverr so far, it keeps me busy and I have learned some new things, mostly because the good articles that I read in the forum. I live a simple life, so nothing really scares me. Anyway, have a great day and hopefully you will find a way to keep you fit. Indeed, health is VERY important. Until next month :slight_smile:

@writer99025…May i know how you refer your clients. 2 clients have refused to accept my custom offers because of calling them Sir. Many times i reply clients messages by saying (Thank You Sir for contacting me
After sending my thank you message, i have not yet heard from them…
Is it bad to call a client sir?

Don´t save to save. Save to invest