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Should we change domain of the running gig

Is it right to change the domain of the running/active gig within the same category ??

Do you mean the URL of your gig? You can’t change it, you can only change the title of your gig but the URL will always stay the same it was when you created your gig.

The title, you can change how often you want to but it needs to be a title that isn’t completely different to what the gig offered the whole time/make sense when checked against its “eternal” URL. Example: changing a gig title from “I will provide a logo” to “I will develop a website” could lead to trouble.
The reason being that it’s deceptive to buyers because they’d think the reviews a gig gathered are for website development, while in fact they were from logo design.

If you should change the title, well, if you think another title (that still advertises about the same thing the gig always offered, see above) would convert to more interest and sales, sure, change it and try it out. In the worst case, you can change it back.

Be aware that edits of your gig might keep it out of search for a while until Fiverr checked it, however, so it’s usually a good idea to not edit too often/collect things you want to edit and edit them all at once instead of making several edits over a short period.


Can you change the domain? I think we can only change the title and other stuff inside the gig but not the url.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll definitely consider this