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Should we increase our sale prices?


Hey Fellows,

I come up on the forum after a long time. Today My topic is about should we cost for our experience/ quality services? Alternatively, should we think about long-term work?

These two terms, somehow, are not made for each other because a high price service is something like a one time opportunity as compared to long-term work with low price.

However, somehow, I feel this is not good for sellers. They should be paid for their experience and quality what you say, guys?


The topic is not about choices; it is about what you deserve.


If it is about what we deserve then we should increase sale prices.


So, you do not think about what you deserve? Right:thinking:


From my personal view I do not think about what I deserve. I like to have a long lasting relations with buyers. I already do that and this helps me a lot in many ways.


This will answer your question:


Thanks a good one answer :slight_smile:


hi momna this is very good topic. I think there are more unprofessional sellers on fiverr than professional. And by unprofessional I meant that they have not experienced the market and how to interact with the clients. This is the major factor that an experienced and professional seller cant raise the price of his gigs because of those.


I want to tell everyone that if you are not offering automatically an extra when you get an order which will increase your price AFTER the buyer places an order, you are really not using the site and all it provides correctly.

This is your opportunity to not only raise your price, but to educate the buyer on how his or her project will be enhanced with the extras you offer.

@archinerd makes a very good point. It is the quality of your work of course that allows you to raise your prices. If you aren’t very good, or very experienced, you should not raise your prices until you become worthy of higher prices.


I raised my prices for two reasons

  • I was selling too low and it cost me too much to deliver
  • I was getting too many orders

Price elasticity means that as you raise prices you will lose orders - from the super price sensitive people. At the same time you often become more attractive to other buyers who use price as a quality signal.

In general I have found that increasing price has significantly increased my revenues. I have done so cautiously and haven’t been afraid to reduce the price when required.

Finally the price is not about my work. It’s about the value that my work provides to the customer. Increasingly my struggle is how to make the customer see the value in what I provide and pay more. In most cases the cost to the customer in time for managing the job is greater than the money they pay for the job to be completed. That provides a big opportunity for you to raise prices if you can save them the time managing the job,


It is tricky but can be done, with the use of extras shown after an order is placed, along with very careful and gentle wording which lays out in simple terms the importance of spending more to get a better level of service.


That´s true. While I did not increase the price, I did try the 3 packages option, having different for a significant difference between services, which of course were higher than the base price. So I went back with the original base price but became more picky with the projects I´m collaborating.

While my prices are still the same, I´ve included as many extras as I could. That way customers can choose how much they want to invest and do it in a different process.

Sometimes, the client doesn´t understand why they need X for the project, so having the extra gives them the opportunity to choose if they want to keep enhancing the project or not.


This is a total myth.

We discussed this subject a lot in older topics, so it wouldn’t really add something new to dive deeper into it.


This is false! Most of my repeat buyers are high priced. It is the low priced ones that are one time only. (Mario I know it was not you who said this.)


Yes, I know. I was the one who said that this is a total myth, as I have the same experience with you.
Talking about 5 figures here.


Track your sales and see how you do with higher prices. I like packages because you can mix it up. You can price yourself at $5, $20, $30.

If it’s a harder gig, your bottom can be $10 or $20, depending on what you do.


Yeah! You are right my dear


A great advice Thank you dear:blush:


I found my thoughts somehow in yours.


I think its all about the standard quality of the work and the time that it takes you

if you are spending more than 5-10 minutes on a $5 order its not worth your time.

Providing high quality of work - more money, providing poor/standard work - less money. Know what level of quality you are at and what you can provide, be realistic and go with what you think is the best to price it.