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Should We need Video Call Feature? 🤔

Hello Peeps!

What you guys say about video call and audio call inside a Fiverr, Reason I am asking because I am Web Developer and sometimes it becomes necessary to do a live meeting to explain in a better and faster way.

Upwork is doing this and they have better results. So if we get this feature in Fiverr it will be really awesome and no one will go to book appointment outside Fiverr.

Thanks All!


There’s no feature built in, but if it’s critical for delivery, Fiverr generally allows phone/video calls. Check with CS.

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You can also use JoinMe to communicate visually.

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I am not sure, if video/audio call is a big deal, but my recommendation is to implement a remote desktop access option keeping in mind my gigs.

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Fiverr Degraded my level while asking for call meeting :confused:

it is against TOS. you can’t ask client to join on any social network.

That’s why I suggested you check with CS, it’s not always approved.

Really curious to know:

They downranked you ONLY because of asking Fiverr Customer Support if you could do a video call?

Or was it because you actually went ahead with the video call without Fiverr’s approval?

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