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Should we purchase disputed property ? (Q/A)


Q: Should I purchase the property which is under dispute but I am getting it in low price. Seller says he will handle if any problem occurs.

A: Buddy , Do not even think to get in these type of deal. People who say like this & that before the deal , you will not find them when any problem occurs. Law & order is superior , if judgment goes against you then what can you do. Do not get tripped in honey pot like low price. Purchase a genuine property with better searching about it.

Valentin Fritzmann

Real Estate Guy


Are you using Fiverr for legal advice? :S


Q. Huh?


valentinfritzma said: Law & order is superior
I agree that Law and Order is a pretty good TV show. However, this thread seems barely related to Fiverr and I don’t see any gigs listed for @valentinfritzma so I’m not even sure what this post was supposed to be for. :wink: