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Should we submit drafts to the buyer?

Hey I recently saw a buyer request where the guy wanted to see a draft before assigning the job. I was kind of desperate for the job so I made up a quick design and submitted it with a watermark. I am not exactly sure how he liked it but I got neither a positive nor negative remark or the job. Is it advisable to take more preventive measures while delivering a draft to an unassigned job or just avoid such requests?

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Don’t do any work for anyone, unless they have placed an order, and purchased your services. Providing a draft without payment is giving in to cheap buyers who aren’t likely to hire you. Many such buyers may end up editing out the watermark, and using the work you gave them for free – regardless of how unprofessional that is on the buyer’s part.

Always get paid. If someone want’s a sample, send them a custom offer to purchase. Cheap buyers do not deserve your work without a commitment to hire you.


Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.:blush:

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