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Should we use Facebook to promot our gig or not?


Guys i was thinking that Facebook is not a business platform. It use as social media mostly. Does it better to share the gig on Facebook? Whats your opinion?


There could be someone who needs your service and will contact you


Share your gig where you potential clients are.


I’ve created a gig for weeks now, yet no order.


What do you think is the problem?
Why would buyers choose your gig over someone else’s?


Yes! you can, And social media marketing is important for new seller. But Remember don’t use service directly , you have to give service with fiverr.


I have an excellent profile and I do bid for projects through buyers request yet I’m yet to get any project.
Buyers should choose me because of my awesome profile.
An advice would do. Thank you.


I had a look at your profile and gig descriptions. You have a ton of work to do.
Continue reading posts on this forum and modify your gigs to make them more appealing to buyers.


Yes! its very important thing.


Thank you. I will edit it.


But how to know where are my potential clients?


That’s for you to find out :wink:
You should know your clients better than we do.


how can we seo our gigs ? there are some of my friends they are in first page they are not getting orders even but still their gigs are in first page they dont move from first page what will be the reason behind and i was also in page first but with in 3 4 days i went in page 5 6 i dont know why ?


My impression and click values are now at 0. What could be the reason behind this?