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Should we work more than we are meant to?

i have always come across with many buyers that requested me to go beyond from what i offered in my gig i have to do that to prevent them from leaving a bad review for our company and sometimes i see them back in my inbox despite the order has automatically been completed or they make it done themselves.I never turned them down for whatever they asked being afraid of bad review …
what should i do?

It is a difficult one. I try to be as accommodating as possible, but there is a line. Where that line is depends on you. I have built up some great feedback so the odd bad review (or the threat of one) doesn’t bother me as much.

I would say that with a name like ‘benevolent’ and the fact that your profile page offers something ‘extraordinary and quick’ will lead to people expecting the very best from you. Great for customer attraction, but does leave you open to having to ‘go that extra mile’ customer after customer.

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I do exactly what I do in my gig. There are times I go beyond that, if I have the time and want to do it, if they ask nicely, or message me about something before hand. Most of my buyers have no issues, and I offer revisions if they aren’t happy. But once they select complete, they signify that they are happy with that order. If they have anything after that, they can ask, but I have no issue asking them to purchase another gig. They are paying for my labor, and I decide what that worth is. They can choose to take it, or go elsewhere. There’s nothing mean in that, it’s my business to do what I say I will do.

If they leave a bad review (and I’ve only had that once, and had it taken care of), I will save all the notes, and request Fiverr to take it off, because I did exactly what I promised and no more. I make it clear in my gig descriptions what they will get, and when we message, we discuss it. You have to keep clear boundaries if you want to have this job without stress and people walking all over you. Those who do are not clients that you want.


thank you buddy i should clear them what my gig promises to provide them

you are right clearing them before their making an oeder with us,is something that i can do my best to keep them from leaving a bad review t
thank you guider