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Should you charge more per gig?



I m just wondering, what would look more appealing?
A gig which is cheap or which is expensive?

Lets say two gigs are excatly the same, but on one side we have a top rated seller who is charging lets say 20$, and on the other side you have a newcomer but charging only 5$. What would you accept?



It depend upon the customers choice… I believe that the buyer will going to look for reviews!! that’s for sure…
Seller with good reviews will going to stand out in this … regardless of price …


Hello, @bmilos97 New sellers often give their service at a low rate because they want to earn their level fast. If you think the seller understand your requirement and he has the confidence to do the job then go with him. You have to understand the fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks guys, appreciate the help!


It depends on who your buyer is and it depends on a number of factors.

Unprofessional, cheap unethical buyers will probably favour the cheaper one.

Professional, ethical buyers tend to be more savvy and have a “you get what you pay for” view on things, so they’d probably view the cheaper one with suspicion, but only favour the more expensive one on the condition of the portfolio being good and, preferably, if the seller has perfect English and doesn’t call people “Dear.”

However, poor English isn’t a dealbreaker for most buyers if they like your work, and professional buyers can discern if a gig is cheap merely because the buyer is trying to increase the likelihood of a sale. Certainly many professionals will want to capitalize on that, especially if they have a small budget.


Some people believe that the top rated seller would have more experience and better design than newcomer which it’s not a convinced reason, some even want higher price in order to have quality. New comer want to get more customers as soon as possible, new comer wish to get sales quick, definitely they will work harder on any order. Judge work by top rated and new comer sellers not really a genuine reason