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Should you create a gig solely for buyers requests?


Hello. ive seen some people say that you should create a gig specifically for buyer requests as if the offer is custom some buyers get confused so you should create a gig just for that purpose? do you agree that its worth the effort or just a waste of gig space?


I don’t see how that would work. No two buyer requests are alike. The buyers’ requirements will vary from one BR to another. Some buyers — in their BRs — might also ask for some extra details that may not be mentioned in your gig description or FAQs.

Therefore, I think the best approach to this would be to customize your BR offer based on the specific BR you are responding to. I have never come across a buyer who was confused because they received offers (from sellers) in response to a BR they’d posted. Besides, you select one of your gigs when you send an offer in response to a BR anyway, right?


I think it could be best to create a gig whose title can cover quite a lot of the buyer requests you want to do. The is issue is even though you can do custom offers they are for a particular gig and if none of your gig titles really matches what the buyer request is for the buyer might say “but I don’t want x” or might not respond at all, but the gig also shouldn’t be too vague regarding what it is for. But I do think being too specific might also waste a gig place, particularly because with the different levels we have fewer than before (eg. in the past they allowed 15 gigs in level 1 but the current level system only allows 10 for level 1).