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Should You Give a Buyer a Bad Review if They Give You a Bad Review?


I’m used to getting 5 stars from my clients but recently, I’ve been entertaining clients who’ve been giving me 4 stars. They say good things about me in the review but give me 4, like this guy who said and I quote “10/10 I will recommend this seller…” but he gave me 4/5 for Recommendation.
I want to keep the positivity but I feel like a sucker if I give the buyer 5 stars against my 4.
What would you do? Should I meet them with equal measure or what?


Potential buyers look at your response to see if it’s a mature and honest response. In my opinion leaving 5 star rating with a polite explanation would suffice.


First of all, you got two 4-star reviews in a year, that is in no way a “bad review.”

Secondly, giving a lower rating just to spite the customer who gave you a lower rating looks very immature.


Like others have already said, giving a buyer a bad review to spite the review they gave you is viewed badly by other potential buyers.

It’s important to remember that the reviews you provide buyers with doesn’t show up on their profile anyway, so potential sellers won’t see the buyers reputation even if you do.

Now, if these had been one star reviews, I wouldn’t have bothered to reply at all. I’m not a Fiverr veteran so maybe it’s different for people who have been here a while, but no review from the seller to buyer looks better than a bad one, in my personal opinion.

But for a couple of four star reviews which, in the grand scheme of things, wouldn’t be considered a bad review outside of this website? Just be professional. If you can’t bring yourself to write something personal, simply rate five stars and say, “Outstanding experience!” and leave it at that. It’s annoying, especially when they said they liked the service you provided, but it could be worse. Just try and remember that, and move on from the experience.


I think you should be honest with your reviews regarding the experience with the buyer, not his/her rating. In general, all reviews should be honest, but unfortunately, as with other things in life, some are used for other purposes rather to evaluate an experience.


I think I might have given the wrong impression with my post. It isn’t to spit the customer. I genuinely did not have a good experience with the buyer. In one case the buyer gave me specifications only to tell me that wasn’t what he wanted. Another did not read the instructions and expected more than what he actually requested.


Yeah, I’ve always wondered about that what’s the point in rating buyers if you can see their history. Fiverr really needs to take care of its sellers. Thanks for the feedback.


I’ve wondered the same myself on a few occasions. The only thing I can think of is that it helps Fiverr understand who the troublemaker buyers are. If they’re consistently rating people 1 star with no valid reasoning, they might receive warnings or be banned from the website or something. I know they have a ‘top rated buyer’ rating, which if manually selected like ‘top rated seller’ could avoid those who are troublemakers from receiving it, but I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. There’s obviously some use for it, though.

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help.


It’s not. But Fiverr’s rating system will make it seem like it is.


Exactly. I’m going to be demoted for a 4.7 overall rating. 4 stars may not be a ‘negative review’ in Fiverr’s rating system, but anything that will demote me is bad.


I have to agree with most of the people here, if you genuinely had a 5 star experience with the buyer and had every intention on giving him/her a 5 star review prior to seeing what they gave you, then I would give the 5 star review. I understand how bothersome it is to give more than what was given to you but being spiteful could come back to bite you in the a$$.


Great reply, I just wanted to note that this is not set in stone, though (Fiverr keeps changing stuff, after all), and some sellers do look for, or even stumble over reviews given by and to buyers who want to order from them.


definitely it’s not a bad review at all


That’s my fear. If I loose a level it hurts my business. I have to avoid these 4 stars becoming a trend.