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Should you have more or less gigs?



First of all sorry for my spam recently, i ve opened a bunch of topics but i really want to understand fiverr better.

Basically what i m wondering, if you re a new seller, should you have less gigs(for example 1 or 2)?
Also, should you “specialize” in just one area, particularly if you re new.

For instance, i made 3 gigs, one about fitness and health(since i ve been working as a personal coach before i finished my uni), the 2nd is about translation(since i worked as a translator for few smaller companies at the time when i was at uni) and finally the 3rd one is about relationship and dating advice. I also though of creating a new gig on the field i specialize mostly-economics.

Is this a huge turn off for buyers?


I think it is better to go with more gigs.


I think that more gigs is better for a new seller,this allows you to have a chance in more buyer requests


You should have complete 6 gigs to get the order


7 Gigs for Sellers without a Level status.

The above is the maximum number of gigs allowed which is taken from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. This explains the rules as to how Fiverr works.


You should go for maximum gig allowed (which is 7) for new seller.
It will make you look more professional that you have many experience in your field.


I’m a new seller here and I’ve made 3 gigs, each of which focus on translation in separate languages.

My reasoning is that this increases the visibility of each gig individually in their respective “categories” because each of them has specialized tags. I might be wrong about this though.